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Excuse Me, Do You Have This in a Size 12 Triple E?

In this grandiose act of bravado, Diane Cresswell shares a memoir of her visit to a “Toy Store” where she pouted and panted, “No petite pumps for me,” she pled as she perused a plethora of prideful protuberances, then painstaking picked the perfect pleasingly plump purple plastic pecker and promptly proceeded to purchased it. However, despite her patient, persistant prodding and pleading, the panicked proprietor proclaimed, “You can’t […]

“Lap Danced by the Muse” and beyond…

First thing I want you to know is that Terrie Leigh Relf’s writing career began with a Lap Dance! And, I’m not even sure where to go with this because all my brain can do now is go in circles and say, “Who’d a’ Thunk it?” Now, I’ve groveled and begged and kowtowed and kissed a significant […]

Stefanie Allison Melts Down

Who would ever think this Make Me Laugh Challenge would bring out stories that are true and funny as heck. Stefanie Allison shares this TRUE story about a meltdown that would make Greta Garbo shudder with envy as she draped herself across a velvet fainting couch. This story really cracked me up, first because it’s funny as hell, and […]

Mike Stang steps up to the Table to serve up some laughs….

Well, here he is. The Stanger sharing a story that’s funny as hell. And, as I always have to do, I had to read the story twice to understand it because Mike’s so dang smart he writes above a sixth grade reading level which is where I read. Anyway, this is a classic, and like […]