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On reflection

It’s the shape of the thing, we’re so often told. No, not THAT! Well, not always that. Every piece of writing has a form – an author’s Rorschach, if you will. Only sometimes, Like Julie Mark Cohen’s entry here, the lines have minds of their own.   ASYMMETRICALLY, SEYFERT. Simply, Seyfert. “Two of your three […]

A first word or two in your ear

Every journey begins with a first step, every beer with a first sip and every disappointment with that first doleful glance. However, as Julie Mark Cohen insists, falling for that one is SHEAR FOLLY. Here’s the truth of it: Green Ambition 21 June 1947 Brooklynites found hope in their Dodgers. (Note:  Green Ambition is a flash […]

Uncommon senses

The first cut is the deepest, so they say. And the first line? Well, that can heal, scar, tantalise or confound. It’s like the first flirtatious whisper, or the hint that launches a thousand rumours. It’s electric, it’s homeopathic…it’s from Red and White by Kenneth Weene.  The great owl-scream of the white smoke whistle. And again the sound […]

Paperback writer!

Fetch the chocolate, fetch the champagne. Fetch the peppermint tea! My mystical fantasy, Covenant, is now available in paperback. It’s been a heck of a ride and now my novel can take pride of place beside my copy of The Coffee Shop Chronicles Vol 1 (you all have your copy, right?). A huge thank you for […]

Despite what Elton John said…

I don’t think ‘sorry’ is the hardest word. Personally, I struggle with archeopteryx, although it has to be said that it crops up in conversation far less. Be that as it may, we’ve been busy and you may all be thinking ‘heck, where’d the party go?’ Thorn has been recovering from some health challenges (he assures […]

Derek’s novel Covenant

Greetings Literati, Let us gather around the fire together and tell great stories. Me first? Oh, okay, if you insist. After SO long that I’m embarrassed to reveal the exact time length, my fantasy, Covenant, is now available to read and enjoy. It’s been such a long time coming that the book has collected its […]

Words of Welcome from Across the Pond

Hi all, I’m Derek Thompson – the projects guy who works at a distance. But enough of my aloofness. I’m a writer and editor. I wrote a whole bunch of stuff – short and long fiction, for adults and children; magazine pieces and the occasional column; comedy material for cards, print, web, radio and live […]