Tiffany Vakilian Launched her Book of Poetry!

A Word with You Press is delighted to share a word with you about our own Tiffany Vakilian.

Tiffany came to the Towers in early 2013, and her insightful comments showed us the inklings of a great mind. She had a manuscript which showed great potential, and we welcomed her with open arms. Since then she has regularly contributed to our competitions, and began working for the towers in 2014, still commenting with her signature style on the contest submissions.

Did I mention she’s a devotee of Shakespeare, and wrote fan fiction for the bard, right here on our site?

Our beloved Tiffany has written her first solo book of poetry Ugly Drawers, Pretty Panties: A Collection of Poetry, Prose, Dreams and Missives. If you’ve read any of her posts, you know her poetry will entertain. Now, I am not one to discuss poetry, but I do know the woman.

Tiffany is a strong mind, a beautiful soul, and I have had the privilege of getting into her Ugly Drawers, Pretty Panties! It was a thongless task, but perhaps she’ll serialize! Be sure to read her words, and share her drawers and panties with family and friends!

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4 thoughts on “Tiffany Vakilian Launched her Book of Poetry!

  1. Michael Stang says:

    V, I am such a fan. Attempted often to buy the book at the store (awwyp), will continue the good fight. Stuck up here in the hinterlands, it will be my spirit who nags at your acceptance speech (do they do that anymore) on the day of coming out. Most success, hugs and kisses.

    • Tiffany V says:

      Oh Mike, I’M a FAN of you too!!! I would be honored to sign a copy of the book and send it to you. Have Thorn give you my email address and let me know your address. You can Paypal me direct until the issue with the AWWYP store is taken care of. And for the record, I will be doing the audiobook next year sometime so stay tuned!

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