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Colonel Mashbir

A Word with You Press is delighted to share a word with you about Stan S. Katz.

From up in the towers, we are hoping you’ll enjoy reading and/or listening to the novel and will LIKE/SHARE that enjoyment with others and bring some recognition to an unsung American Hero, Colonel Sidney Mashbir, and his exciting exploits and major accomplishments!

During the 1920s and 1930s Mashbir secretly allied with top leaders in Japan attempting to prevent the outbreak of war between our nations, and then when war regrettably erupted, Colonel Mashbir took a pivotal role in winning it!

During the interview… with the Journalist, a thought arose:
If Colonel Mashbir and those under his command had not run such an amazing intelligence operation that shaped battle strategy and shortened the war in the Pacific by two years, who is to say that a great deal of additional resources and military troops from the Allies might have had to be redirected from Europe to the Pacific. This could have aided the Nazis, and have affected the outcome of the WWII European theater of war.
Just a thought to ponder,
P.S. For the record, a minor correction, Mashbir caught the first German spy during WWI, not WWII.

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