Author Spotlight – Isabelle Freedman


A Word with You Press has been building towers of late, to include expanding our horizons and celebrating young adult books. After all, where else would our fearless leader get his humor?

We are delighted to share a word with you about our own Isabelle Freedman.

Freedman grew up on the West Coast of Scotland. An M.D. PhD. who has worked as a doctor and scientist in several countries, she now lives close to San Francisco with her husband, Pulitzer Prize winner Jonathan Freedman, and their children Viva and Lincoln.

amatrr ssWhile living in Switzerland she read fantasy adventure books to then seven year old Lincoln every night – until they ran out of suitable options! In the face of this near tragedy there was only one way forward: write one! The book owes Lincoln not only its inspiration, but also its integrity. He summarily rejected his mother’s sneaky attempts to take the easy way out, re-use plot devices or recycle monsters, ensuring that every chapter owns a fresh fantastic creature.

Angus MacDream and the Roktopus Rogue, published by  is A Word With You Press, is Freedman’s first fiction in print, and we are happy to share the story with you.


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