At last, a REAL love letter for our contest!


And today is actually the DAY when St. Valentine has his Hallmark moments!  I am pleased to submit a very genuine expression of love in the form of a letter from one human being to another.

Dear Sister of My Heart,

by Madam Parisianne Modert

You first enchanted me with, “Woman falls from platform shoes…”, awakening my soul to your playful, vulnerable nature suggesting a Goya matadoress dancing, sunflower in your teeth, wearing red, daring any bull to charge.  Nine months ago from that writing contest until now you have shared you heart, soul and mind’s experiences with mine claiming me as your  preciously loved sister.  I love you.

My dearest valentine, you are an enlightened, glowing heart, a dozen-red-roses-in-bloom Playologist. I can not encapsulate your spiritual beauty in a love letter for my words are merely a grain of sand compared to your lifetime valentines of inspiration.  The waves roll, the birds sing, drifting on air as freely as the sun rises and falls judging not the love between us.  We may not be sisters of common blood, but we are of common hearts eternally blessed to be each other’s loving sister.

Where would my heart be without you dear sister of my heart?  For fifty years the blues and depression clouded my vision with little sunshine reaching me.  Who else knew the tumbler combination to heal me?  Happiness was a foreign language I could not speak before you.

No one understands human cruelty better than you dear sister of my heart yet you sing angelic forgiving, determined to heal the wounded, frightened and forgotten, who have been locked away too long in self-prisons of their own tears.  I was an abandoned, sorrowful prisoner labeled hopeless by professionals, but you believed.  When others saw so little in me, you envisioned so much, praising, forgiving, embracing and treasuring my soul, hidden away in darkness.

“Love is love” you often remind me with wisdoms harshly learned, given freely to me.  I have become a flaming phoenix because of your life stories elegantly shared without barriers to emotional intimacy.  Others scolded and belittled my inner-child.  You said let’s play, let’s nurture, let’s live healthier lives together.  You allow me Gaia confessional absolution without penitence other than sharing compassion with others .  For this grace, God must love me to have rescued me from my forfeited life through you.

I write so you will know any expression of “but it was only a rumor”, does not apply to you in being my chosen sister of my heart.  Life is a set of choices giving purpose through God’s free will.  Your openness, giving me unconditional love as muse, artist and sister has allowed me to transform from selfish writer to inspired poet smiling valentine wishes versed in sweet tears.

My heart is Eden’s garden, once more innocent and pure dear sister.  Your love given has become my redemption, my resurrection to rebirth and a joyous, loving peace.

My sisterly valentine wish for you, Mrs. Kyle Katz with your sassy booted soul, is a field of Tuscany wavering sunflowers with blue skied winds lifting your tattered angelic wings to flight.

Ti amerò in eterno dal mio cuore,

Mme. Parisianne Modert




11 thoughts on “At last, a REAL love letter for our contest!

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    I wish to express my humble gratitude to Mrs. Kyle Katz for graciously allowing me to share this Valentine Love Letter with you. My heart is appreciative that A Word With You Press and Mr. Thornton Sully published the picture, letter and video precisely as I requested. I pray you will honor my dear sister of my heart within your comments. Please remember that she has loving family and caring friends who will hopefully be reading this Valentine Love Letter as well as your comments.

  2. KYLE Katz says:

    I am once again humbled and close to tears…smiling and laughing at your gracious words dear Parisianne. You are a compassionate soul. Happy Valentines precious one.

  3. KYLE Katz says:

    What an honor to have such thoughts about my influence on another writer, for me that is the gift of true love. It makes me want to continue to write more in those days of darkness when I think, What am I doing…can I really write?

    • Parisianne Modert says:

      You are a wonderful, skilled and hard working writer Kyle with humor, grace and insight into the real life that many of us have never experienced which is a gift.

    • Parisianne Modert says:

      Thank you dear lady for your kind praise, but the far truer beauty is in your mother-in-law which you lovingly treat as your mother. It is both an honor and joy to write these words to you. I hope your good husband and children have the opportunity to read my humble words addressed to an outstanding woman loved by each of us. I’m sure each of you have your own stories of praise.

  4. Laura Girardeau says:

    Parisianne, I am touched by your tribute to sisterhood. You have a special talent for open, emotional play with words. Some of your terms, such as Playologist and Gaia confessional absolution are unique and make the reader think and feel. This contest did not produce many direct love letters, and this is one of them. You’ve not only shared your love for your lovely friend with her, but with the world.

    Have you noticed that even Disney is jumping into the sisterhood game? In Frozen, the sisters chose and saved each other at the end, instead of princes. I’ve heard that in Wicked (Broadway), the main theme is sisterhood too. It’s the love that goes to the end, in all our diverse glory.

    • Parisianne Modert says:

      The term “Playologist” I believe from my memory belongs to Mrs. Katz’s mother in origin. Mrs. Katz as spoken of being trained as a “Playologist”. The term “Gaia confessional absolution” was meant to honor both Roman Catholic upbringing with ongoing practice along with the naturalist qualities of this lovely lady.

      The letter is a bit “Little Women” (1868) by Louisa May Alcott in affection type meant. “Wicked” is one of my favorite musicals and I have read the book as well. There is a bonding between Glinda and Elphaba which is bittersweet as they choose their life paths after their school days have been completed.

      I wrote this letter to someone I held as deep in my heart as any blood sister I could ever wish for. I thank you for your generous and kind critique.

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