Apprentice sorcerer/sorceress wanted


A Word with You Press is into its SECOND decade of providing a forum for writers to test their chops, meet kindred spirits, and tell their stories.

I have been helped over the years by wonderful contributors, drawn together as a team by the belief that by writing your story skillfully, with honesty and artistry, you serve our basic human need to connect to one another.

If you share this belief, we need you.  I need you.

Do you have time to devote for 90 days interning for us?  Are you someone studying or experienced in marketing and can develop and implement a plan to promote the sale of our own books and those who come for a visit? Marketing our books and services subsidizes the cost of keeping our spaceship orbiting in cyberspace.

Your  duties would include writing content, designing and delivering our newsletter Every So Often on a reliable schedule.  (Ben Angel did a fabulous job, and needs a break.) You’ll use your initiative to expand our readership, getting new sign-ups for our newsfeed, and possibly manage new and popular writing contests to convert readers into writers. You’ll imagine and post new content on our website once a week, given keys to the executive washroom, a title, and an email address:

                                       you (at) 

At our peak, we got 17,000 visits a month, mostly as a result of our contests and the outrageous prizes we offered. Can you help us get back to where we once belonged?

We (I) can offer a modest stipend of $100 per month, and upon completion of 90 days will provide you a letter of recommendation for your portfolio, making this ideal for an undergrad in marketing or journalism.  Lemme know by responding to, and by all means, share this post on Facebook or your private email list of friends.

Relieving me of the tasks I’ve outlined frees me up to do what I do best and what serves our visitors best: mentoring developing writers and feeding my kitties.

That’s still my job!

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