Announcing “Write to be Read”: our exclusive reviewer’s club


We Support our Troops is a bumper-sticker with absolutely no meaning, because it is tied to no specific action, other than affixing it to your car. What if the sticker read We  Support Writers ?  Would the slogan be equally hollow?

We have an action plan that rewards both writers and readers:  announcing

A Word with You Press

Write to be Read Reviewer’s Club

It’s simple, and it’s free for all readers, with membership limited to twenty five people.

AWwYP has published about 15 or 20 books, but we also are passionate about promoting books published independently or through other main-stream publishers by writers who frequent our website.

Each month we’ll send our members a hard copy new book., without cost. Members will read and post a review on Amazon. They’ll send a copy of their review to and we will post their comments in a new section on our site devoted to reviews. Once we receive your review, we’ll send you a new book and repeat the process. All we ask is that your review is honest, and for Amazon, include the wording “I received this book as a gift in exchange for writing an honest review.”

We represent many fine books in multiple genre: some are by award winning authors, and some, with your influence, can become award winners, or at the very least begin to get recognition reflected in sales.

In the towers here we have our first offering: The Emperor and the Spy:  the secret alliance to prevent World War II, by Stan Katz, published by Horizon Productions, California. I had the privilege of being one of Stan’s editors midway through this project, which was inspired by his serendipitous discovery of secret official documents as well as intimate letters penned by  Colonel Sidney Mashbir, whose fascinating military career began in the Arizona desert in the early 1900’s, and continued into the Atomic Age. The multi-talented, multi-lingual Mashbir was a presence in Japan prior to World War II and developed a close, intimate relationship with Emperor Hirohito. Together, they tried valiantly to reign in the military adventurism in the region, and when their efforts failed, Mashbir, ever the patriot, used his command of the Japanese language and culture to assist General MacArthur in defeating the nation that Mashbir had come to love and respect. MacArthur stated that through Mashbir’s efforts, two years had been shaved off the war.  Mashbir, credited as well with capturing the first German spy of World War I, also laid the foundation for the CIA.

Emperor and the Spy

And this book is free, to all members of Write to be Read (Copyrighted).

To become a member or to get on the waiting list, send your physical address to  If you are a published author and would like your book reviewed by club members, be prepared to send 28 books to the towers in Moscow, and to pay for shipping and handling.  Send a request for details, along with the title and synopsis of your book.

Here is a partial list of those who have joined the club. Some of you signed up at our annual Creatives’ Reunion at the hacienda of Victor Villasenor earlier this month, but some applications may have been lost in shuffle.  If you joined their or on line but don’t see your name, please send us your address. Membership is limited to 25 people.  We’ll have a page on our website before the end of the month with all the books available displayed.


Members include: Wendy Joseph, Mike Casper, Jackie Dever, Gerardeen Santiago, Greg Pirazzini, Stefania Allison, Neal Katz, Russ Shor, Bob Hotto, Lisa Norton, Joanne Sigurdsson, Melissa Ganus.

A Word with You Press is dedicated to supporting writers. Surely, this is better than a bumper sticker!

7 thoughts on “Announcing “Write to be Read”: our exclusive reviewer’s club

  1. Thornton Sully says:

    and this just in!
    Book Signing will be held at the Joan Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice on the campus of the University of San Diego June 22nd, 2016.. For the sixteen years that it took to complete The Emperor and the Spy novel and website, it was hoped that it would not only be an exciting historical espionage novel, but that it would also encourage the Art of Diplomacy in the pursuit of Peace and International understanding. I feel honored to have the book highlighted at this Southeast Asian Pacific diplomatic/educational event.…/

    • David Jenkins says:

      I received the Emperor and The Spy yesterday. I can’t say I’m a fan of our “Intelligence” services, but this book and the man Sidney Mashbir really arouse my sense of adventure. I really cannot stop reading it except to rest my eyes and hope my next pair of glasses is better.

  2. Neal Katz says:

    Great program Thornton. I look forward to participating as both an author and as a reviewer.

    I am happy to receive ebook version or pdf that I can download to save on shipping costs and some trees. Are there any others that would prefer to receive book this way? Sure would make you job a lot easier.

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