And you were foolish enough to believe it was an idol threat…

Yes, yes, I know. Supposed to be idle threat. Rank has its privileges. I can make up the rules, even about word usage, as I go along. I mentioned a few blogs ago that I was considering writing a daily column abut the goings on here at  A Word with You Press and my daily life. I am working in that direction. Here is what happened last night.

I went with my daughter, Tesse, who is 22, to take part in my Thursday evening ritual:  Cajun chicken wings for 50 cents each at Breakwater Brewery, about five blocks from here. Some of you may recall that they provided at no cost excellent pizza for our first volunteer painting party here. I was a single dad (long before it came into vogue) when Tesse was five. Tesse, like everyone else in the world, is still recovering from childhood. At 22, she still has feelings of being abandoned by her mom, and can’t sleep through the night because of that fear that significant people in her life will just lose interest. We medicated with Dr. Sam Adams and a little father-daughter talk. A work in progress…

I came back to the clubhouse, only to discover that this really cool bar-b-q grill that I had on the front porch had been knicked. (I say “knicked” in deference to the Anglophiles among you.) Who would steal a bar-b-que?

The answer:  people who have nothing. Not the first time it’s happened here. I had a thousand dollars worth of tools stolen, and even my bicycle from this place in the last few months. So, shame on me for not putting it under lock and key, blah blah blah.

But I am getting to the good part.

I have shared custody of a great Golden Retriever named Cody. While his mom works in a hospital, I watch over him. I was taking him for a walk about eight o’clock,  and a beautiful young girl, early twenties, was walking towards us. Cody did what he always does:  charmed her. Walked up to her and stuck his snout between her legs.  That’s how Golden Retrievers hug. They will walk between your legs backwards and forwards, until you have petted them properly. Any of you gotta Golden? You know what I mean.

So the girl starts talking to me and Cody. Pretty girl. After a few minutes, I told her I had to get back to work, pointing to the clubhouse which doubles as my office. “Are you bored?” she asked. And her meaning was clear…

I will continue this tomorrow.




15 thoughts on “And you were foolish enough to believe it was an idol threat…

  1. Anonymous says:

    *chuckles, pats Thorn on the shoulder and sips Coca-Cola Slurpee* I had a father-daughter talk too…but it involved the words “You need to drive normally and you’re confusing the pedestrians!” *blank stare* Told you I was a bad driver LOL

    Cliffhanger, much? Wouldn’t expect more than that from ya. Hopefully I’ll see you guys soon =)

  2. Derek says:

    We had a golden – heart of gold and brains of sawdust. I may yet unleash a poem I wrote about her.

    If the girl’s meaning was clear to you, you understand women better than I do!

  3. Peggy R. Dobbs says:

    If your story ended there I would have to reply,” In your dreams”! But knowing you and the genleman that you are I’m sure the Dad in you will rule the day.
    Perhaps the reason you guys don’t understand women is because you don’t listen, you are too busy trying to “fix” whatever they are telling you. If we want you to fix it we will tell you. Most of the time, just listen, really listen…add an occasional “umm” and a nod, make eye contact and keep listening. You’d be surprised what you’d hear! From one with lots of experience in this area! pd

      • Peggy R. Dobbs says:

        I have written down what I think the WWPDS stands for and I bet you came up with it! I hate waiting, but scripture says, “Tribulation works patience into your life”. I’ve stopped praying for patience! pd

          • Peggy R. Dobbs says:

            I wrote those exact words down after I read your previous comment, dated it 9:15pm. Sat. night and my Mister is a witness. He says I have a taller antenna, than he does. Who knows! Now… since my name is being bantered about, do I take that as a complement or a “hiss and a byword”? Its nice to just know I am remembered. Blessings, pd

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ooh. . .You naughty boy. . .keeping us in suspense on this. . .

    So, are you bored? I can’t imagine you ever get bored. . .

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