And the winner is…

Teeter Totter


An anguished filled night, indeed, at the Towers that are and forever so shall remain A Word with You Press.

Monday’s morning dilenema was that three of our finalists were tied in the number of votes for their story to take the prize. Surely (according to His Moiness) this would straighten itself out as votes trickled in.  More of you chose to vote anonymously than in the comment box.

But rather than three of you teeter-tottering between fame and absolute failure and ruin, two more joined the surge, and by eight in the evening, we had a five-way tie.  We had progressed/regressed from your basic menage a troi to a leave-the-toga-at-the-door orgie…

The hours ticked on, again. What’s an editor to do? Re-asses those generous offers (thanks for the wine and chocolate, by the way), those lascivious bribes of bounty and booty?  Never! (at least, never again. I’ve reformed!)

The only solution that I could see was to pour that lovely syrah, go to sleep at ten, and see in the morning–which now it is–if the cyber faeries had delivered me from temptation, by giving us a clear winner, voters having had until midnight to make their intentions known.

And indeed they did.

Thank you all so much for participating so vigorously, for spreading the gospel of A Word with You Press, and for being such good citizens in this wonderful land of ours.  We will post our next contest tomorrow, perhaps fine-tuninig our voting stipulations, and we’ll let the games begin, Again!  A special thanks to Ed Coonce for creating our trophy, which, by the way, we’ll be sending to Sal Buttaci.  Congratulations!

Again trophy
The Again trophy


23 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    I sincerely send my congratulations Mr. Buttaci on your well deserved victory and a thank you to everyone who made this contest so spirited AWWYP horse race to the cyber finish line.

  2. Michael Stang says:

    Sal, it is fitting and proper that you should take the trophy. After all, your entry revovled around time and time again in a wounderous show. Your writing is better than ever. It is talent like yours that keeps my light turned on.

  3. Monica Brinkman says:

    Sal, I keep getting a message that my message is awaiting moderation.

    Anyway, as I said on FB to everyone, go congratulate Sal for he is the master of Flash Fiction, and though I am not a winner, I am among many. Congratulations my friend.

  4. Salvatore Buttaci says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments. I am so happy my flash “Redemption” won the AGAIN Contest, but I must say, I was expecting, not myself, but any one of you to win because of your exceptional flashes. It is a real honor to be counted among you!

  5. Tiffany V says:

    … hehehe… you said exceptional flashes…

    Your submission was phenomenal. It was worth it. And it was worth the win in light of all of the exceptional submissions… hehehe… I said submission… get it? GET IT?

  6. Laura G says:

    Enjoy, Sal! …I think we are all winners every time…It’s such a prize for us to have WWYP to post our work to the world, support and learn from each other with our comments! Looking forward to the next contest…The beer merman is the best prize yet!!

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