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As many of you know, Stan Katz wrote the incomparable book, The Emperor and the Spy, which was featured in our Write to be Read section here on the site. And now a word with Stan lets you know what they’ve been up to:

Dear Friends,

Hope life is treating you well! 

The saga continues for The Emperor and the Spy.

A Revised edition has just been published; it’s very much the same story, but has the below additions:
– It now has a table of contents to assist in navigating the story.
– There are three inside photo illustrations, versus one in the prior edition.
– Over the past year, many Reviews have come in; an assortment have been included in the new edition. (These Reviews are included further below).
– The book is now divided into four parts, to better delineate the half century of history depicted.

I’m writing is to ask a favor: the city of San Diego works with KPBS; together, they recommend one book that all San Diego might read together.
The book needs to represent an appreciation for intercultural relations, and be a story that is engaging to the public.

The Emperor and the Spy, honors American Patriotism and Democracy, and also highlights the Art of International Diplomacy in the pursuit of Peace. It shows respect for the contributions of Japanese Americans.

The nomination website link for the One Book One San Diego contest is:

Please visit the above website link and write a brief description (they limit it to 250 words) describing why they should select this novel for 2017. 
Time is short, your online nomination needs to be done before March 3rd, so please do it as soon as possible. 
The application is very user friendly and easy to complete.

Thank you so much,


Below are some of the Reviews received this year:

‘’I am very pleased to learn that you have now published ”The Emperor and the Spy”…‘’I have learned a lot about Colonel Mashbir and his real friendship with Prince Iesato Tokugawa which was a pleasant surprise for me. Your stories about Japanese-American Military Intelligence Service have also done a great justice to so many unsung heroes.’’
—Kazuo Kodama, former Japanese Ambassador to the United Nations.
“A fascinating story . . . a fine book,”
— Lisa Wolff, past Managing Editor of Simon & Shuster
‘’The book is a page turner, one of those genuinely “hard to put down” novels fraught with a variety of colorful, interesting, and very informative stories weaving the protagonist’s life with historical fact — a mixture of suspense, horror, humor, and romance. The historical content renders this work far more than just a fascinating read. Its life will likely be long and varied from best seller to movie or made-for-television drama to incorporation into academia and quite possibly private and government intelligence training…The cast of illustrious characters provides insight into the personalities of leaders, celebrities, even athletes who have significantly influenced our country’s history and world affairs.”
—Teresa Brady, whose father was a Purple Heart recipient in World War II.
‘’A penetrating spy story full of celebrities and unsung heroes.’’
— Kirkus Reviews magazine highlighted novel as one of its top selections of the year.
‘’Just finished your book. Great read. Sidney Mashbir is a National hero.’’
—Jim Desmond, Mayor of San Marcos, California
BARNES & NOBLE chose this novel to honor Veterans Day Weekend with a Book signing at their Oceanside, California Store.
SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE presented a feature article about the novel in their Metro and North County Editions, by Pam Kragen.
SAN DIEGO JEWISH JOURNAL highlighted the book with a two page review, entitled ‘’The Antiquarian and the Creative Writing’’,  written by Editor-in-Chief Natalie Jacobs.
THE OFFICE OF THE JAPANESE PRIME MINISTER on June 22nd, 2016 sent a delegation of history professors, diplomats, and military experts to America on a goodwill/educational tour. They held panel discussions on the rise of international tensions in the Southeast Asian Pacific region, issues involved and possible solutions. They also focused on the historical path that led to Japan entering World War Two . . .  The Emperor and the Spy and its illustrated website honors Japanese leaders who attempted to prevent WWII. It is hoped this new awareness will reduce tensions in that region of the world. The author was invited to do a book signing at this event; and an inscribed copy was gifted to the visiting Japanese to present to their Prime Minister upon their return to Japan…This conference was held on the campus of the University of San Diego at the Joan Kroc Institute of Peace and Justice.
“My mother is a history expert. She taught history to high schoolers. She read your book in a day over the weekend and is now rereading it. These are her comments:
It’s a fun read
page turner
shows tremendous research and work
historical novels don’t get better than that
intelligently written book
informative, conversations enlightening
she learned a lot…
In sum, she says this is an outstanding book. Congratulations!”
—Dave Edick Jr., President of the San Diego World Affairs Council organization and Head of the San Diego International Sister Cities Association
“A remarkable work of historical fiction… I couldn’t imagine why I hadn’t learned about Mashbir in my history classes. Here is a virtually unknown man who valiantly tried to avert America’s war with Japan. Complementing the novel is a 300 page archive of historical documents, presented on website. I found myself enjoying these historical archives after reading the book. If you’re a history buff, like real spy stories, or just want a great read, read this book.”
—George Eckel, Principal writer for Intuit Corp and a novelist.
“What a fantastic story!  Individuals such as Mashbir are certainly rare, and I wish the world had more people like him.”
—Ryan Hart a San Diego High School History Teacher who has lived in Japan
JAVA, the Japanese American Veterans Association, highlighted the novel and its illustrated website, in their quarterly newsletter.
“This is a terrific read. Congratulations!”
—Thornton Sully, Editor of A Word With You Press
“I finished reading the whole book.  You did well.  I enjoyed it. Too bad Colonel Mashbir did not get the final promotion, but I hope someone will work on the posthumous recognition, like the people who worked under him.  I thought your Epilogue was very appropriate.  Life is not fair, but America somehow catches up belatedly for the people who helped the country…My best wishes for your book’s success.”
—Yoshi Minegishi, a founder and past-chair of Seattle’s Celebrate Asia organization. He has also been on the executive board of the Japan-America Society and the Seattle Symphony.
‘’Words are inadequate to express my appreciation and awe . . . The importance of preventing war through personal relationships is rarely given recognition in literature. It can be every bit as exciting as glorified accounts of war and certainly a better approach.’’
—Professor Claire Langham, active member of the East West Center, an organization supportive of good will between the Pacific region nations.
The Carlsbad, California City Library highlighted ‘The Emperor and the Spy,’ as their selection of the month, with a Presentation and book signing.
‘’The book is fast-paced yet thoroughly researched. I compare the depth and factual detail of Katz’s writing with those of Wilbur Smith and Dick Francis. You’ll appreciate the weaving of concurrent events, and the nuances only an expert in the field can convey. Like Frederick Forsyth’s books, the international intrigue with imminent national security threats keep one in suspense . . . Katz’s narrative subtly demonstrates the pivot points around which the arc of history may have been so very different… It’s deliciously epic.”
—Rita Lim Wilby, former President of the Rotary Club of La Jolla.

The deadline to vote is MARCH 3RD, 2017–exactly one day before the deadline for the current contest! So hurry and get your vote in!!! Thanks again!!!


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