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I am in Budapest at the moment, where I have invented a new word: sidewalkcafe-ing (verb).  It is not a spectator sport, but requires an intense desire to nurse the same cappuccino for two hours, out doors, and in the presence of others. It is from this particular sidewalk cafe (of hundreds to choose from) that  I am writing you in Budapest.  We still have about ten stories to post in our contest, and I want to remind those of you in Southern California that sometime in mid-June we will have the Fifth Annual Writers’ and Creatives’ Reunion at the hacienda of Victor Villasenor, where we will announce our contest winner and award $500 and trophy.

But this is a commercial.

I generally balance four editorial clients at one time, and I have a vacancy in my calendar, and another one coming up soon.  I have room for two new clients. If you have a project in mind, I will be happy to read thirty pages and give you my professional impressions at no cost, and provide you a rate sheet if it looks like we will be a good fit. Send your inquiries to

Here are just a few of the endorsements:

“The funny thing about working with Thorn is that I can’t exactly say what he does that helps me. I usually start out not agreeing with his suggestions, only to end up following them. Maybe it’s the very act of resisting his ideas that serves as an exercise in clarification. After all, more times than not, this exercise leads me to see the wisdom of his direction. Perhaps it’s Thorn’s practical wisdom on the art and craft of writing. I’m still not sure. All I know is I’ve become a better writer since working with Thorn.”  Mark Cohen

Mark was unavailable for a photo, but he is an attorney. Looks just like Atticus. Hardly notice the difference

“I toiled long and hard for years on my book Raw Man before I met Thornton Sully. He helped me realize that I did have a story to tell and his belief in me raised my own hopes of being a published author. I would never have had such a wonderful experience without his enthusiastic help. He is easy to work with and a joy to be around. He guided me through the rough spots and as a team, we created a work that has drawn praise.”  Fred Rivera, winner of the Isabelle Allende Best new Fiction Award for Raw Man.

You just can’t fake this kind of joy…but you CAN share it.





I have known Thorn in friendship over the past 15 years…However, I was not really aware of his superb talent as an editor. Over the last five years, I worked on my manuscript…a self-help project with a new twist for helping readers to heal their interpersonal relationship matters.  Although I had previously written a children’s program for self-empowerment versus relational aggression; and produced a character-building card deck….this new manuscript was a hefty project.  Luckily, Thorn came to my rescue.


Rather than agonizing over the next collaborative editing session, I actually found myself looking forward to our meetings and Thorn’s refined tutelage.   Thorn intuitively seemed to get where I was going and lent remarkably sound and salient advice for honing and refining my manuscript to its best outcome.  Thorn has great “people skills” and is able to impart his professional wisdom including constructive critiques in a very firm yet gentle and palliative way.  I have emerged from Thorn’s care…with a newfound confidence regarding my manuscript and its future.  I have already sung his praise to many of my friends and colleagues.  I highly encourage you to allow Thorn to take the helm and steer your writings past any stormy seas and onto a safe harbor….where the sun shines brightly, and you can wiggle your toes in the warm sand…knowing you have arrived!”  Kristine Grant

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