An Event by Any Other Name…


The time of year that’s more exciting than Christmas is coming!

One week from tomorrow, June 17th, is our 4TH ANNUAL WRITERS AND CREATIVES FESTIVAL!!! What’s that? Wasn’t this rose of an event called by another name?

Well, it’ll still have thorns (or at least ONE, but don’t tell the Editor-In-Chief I said that! Our little secret! Shh!).

Below is the Facebook invite to the event! It IS public so share with friends–because THIS love is FREE!!!

Don’t forget: if you are from the fair rose sex, please bring a main dish or a salad! If you have a thorn, please bring dessert or a side dish!

Note: seating IS limited, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring lawn chairs! Or a willing servant willing to offer his back for your back end.

Wow, I should write more posts when wired on Starbucks.

Address and further details in the event invitation below! See you there!!!


P.S. Does anyone else think this event deserves some sort of tagline? Cough one up in the comments below! GO!!!

Bring a chair unless your butt has FOUR legs like these!!!

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