All I want for Christmas is…

to save the world. Join me?


The purpose of this site has always been to encourage those who leave their shoes and guns at the door to enter, share their stories, become better writers, and, most importantly, become better connected to themselves, our writer’s community, and the world.

Several years ago I had the pleasure of teaching novel writing to a class of middle schoolers on a grant form Pen in the Classroom,  and I learned of their mission. Pen International is a political organization that provides legal and monetary support to those around the world incarcerated for writing their political beliefs, clearly at great risk to themselves.

Of course, I always encourage (as do you, I think) the giving of books as Christmas presents. This year, I propose something else:  Why not give gift memberships to Pen USA?  Fees range from 25 to 200 per year, and I gave myself the gift for professional membership today for $79.

As a member who supports writers and free speech and as a recipient of their newsletters, you will become acutely aware of how the written word is feared around the world; it is the terrible swift sword of power and beauty and liberation.

I look forward to retaining you all as my friends and fellow writers this coming year, and to expanding the scope of what A Word with You Press has  to offer you…but first, let me offer you absolutely the best wishes for your favorite holiday, and an ausgezeichnet New Year. Thank you all for adding so much to my life…

On behalf of Morgan, Tiffany, the Satikushes and myself,

Merry/Happy _________________!(fill in the blanks with your favorite)

14 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is…

  1. Wendy Joseph says:

    Will join when I can. Thanks again. By the way, Amesty International has a similar program, Freedom Writers, where you send letters re. those imprisoned unjustly, often for speaking and wwriting their

  2. Michael Stang says:

    Organizations such as this may indeed be our line of defense to save the written word. I cannot imagine me out of my cushy cave, thinking political thugs (for example) are gunning for me, or a band of pure evil is planning to slit my throat because I rhymed a few words about peace. No, the ones who hold text sacred to the point of self sacrifice, these are the heroes of our times. We must help them where we can.
    I owe a lot to awwyp: returning to me the writer’s craft, this I will never forget. But most of all the family created, the memories, what we did for each other, and the future. My soul wish is that we continue the community as free-birds alive and well.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Mike Casper says:

    Agreed with the above comments. I’ll join ‘The Pen’ too. Consider sponsoring a child at because it truly saves a child from a life of poverty. I’ve seen it first hand.
    As far as leaving my guns at the door, well, that’s hard to do. I plan on giving Ahnold a run for his money…now if I can just excavate my six pack abs from underneath my keg…
    Oh, and do flip flops count as shoes?
    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good pen.

  4. Derek Thompson says:

    Just a festive note from overseas to thank EVERYONE for championing the magic and the majesty of words. I believe we have something special with AWwYP, and may 2016 bring us inspiration, perspiration, revelation and validation. Let’s write our way into the future!

    • Mike Casper says:

      And congratulations to you, Derek, for publishing your fourth novel this year! Talk about championing the magic and majesty of words, dude you rock. I just saw a write up about and am really pleased that you’ve sold 10,000 copies so far. As I read the article I was taking notes on how to talk to the press…
      Thanks for the inspiration and let’s go forward into the breach in 2016.

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