All good ends must come to a thing!


Editor-in-chief-(moi) puts a spin on winner selection

I might be gambling here, but there is just an hour and 45 minutes before our contest closes, and it is already past my going to bed alone time.

So I now have all the entries into our contest You didn’t Write That.

In the morning I will announce 4 finalists–two by merit-which is actually an entirely subjective choice, and two by random drawing.  The four writers will then be given a new prompt, and a new set of rules, and three days to produce!

Lemme sleep on it.

9 thoughts on “All good ends must come to a thing!

  1. Mac Eagan says:

    Forty-five entries to choose from – forty-six if you count your own.  And probably you should.  But since we know how willingly you sacrifice yourself so that others may play fully . . .
    Forty-five.  Not a bad re-start.

  2. Julie4 says:

    For this and future contest write-offs, please kindly keep in mind that many of us have week-day gigs and other on-going responsibilities that we can’t postpone.  May I suggest that write-offs include at least a Saturday and Sunday?  Thank you for your consideration.

    • Mac Eagan says:

      Perhaps the final day of any contest can be a Sunday, which will allow a few additional days to post the last minute stories (yeah, you, Mari – hey, did you clean your room yet?) and then the finalists and write off can be announced on Thursday with a Sunday deadline.  I am sure that would work at least until the next contest, when the participation numbers go up some more.

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