A write to remember: Under the Stars


So much to talk about!  His Moiness in chief has been on the road for a month, and through a series of Catch 22s and even a few Catch 23s was unable to communicate from the other side of the pond.  My thanks to Tiffany, Stefanie, and Morgan for keeping us aloft. (Short explanation: computer crashed, and to access all my accounts and passwords, I needed to acknowledge text from the guardians of my site, but my phone did not operate from yonder, and all my codes were keyed to my US based phone.  After providing a copy of my passport and the middle name of the third dog I owned Morgan was able to help me establish basic communications, but only after much trepidation.)

So…I left my home and my family and was no more than a boy in the company of strangers, family and friends in Oakland, San Diego, Ireland, Norway, and England before returning to San Diego and then Moscow. Much to report, but will take care of these things one at a time.  First, the Creative Reunion held at the Hacienda of international best selling author and longtime friend Victor Villasenor in Oceanside this past June 11th.

Pleased that we had between seventy and eighty people in attendance. This was the third summer event the Towers that are A Word with You Press held there, and am pleased that Victor announced to the audience that we could make this an annual event.

The evening was magic. (Billy Holder recorded the event, which we will edit and post on the site in the near future.) The theme of the night was to allow everyone a chance to give us an update of their creative projects, either literary, stage, or artistic. Those who had works-in-progress at last year’s event were pleased to announce fruition of their efforts, with new books published, manuscripts completed, plays performed.  We also had everyone bring three books; either books they had authored or three favorites from a used book store, and at the end of the evening everyone who brought three books left with a different three.  Next year I expect the event to grow, and my thought is to have the event take place nationwide, with a similar theme. Those of you who frequent the site will be coached and encouraged to organize the same type of event to be held concurrently in your own neighborhood.  People were both inspired and inspiring. Our own Tiffany Vakilian hushed the crowd with her incredible singing voice, and it was remarkable to see the number of creative, socially aware writers and artists convene in just one place.

Use the comment box below if you were at the event to give a synopsis of your time at the mic, your impressions, and what you loved most, and include contact information, as many attendees wanted to keep in touch with one another. Please post any pictures you may have taken of the event.

Love to all, and happy fathering day!

2 thoughts on “A write to remember: Under the Stars

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    My experience was introducing my dear friend, Princess Kismet (Marissa) to many writer friends, a bubbly, little puppy dog, healing beginnings towards two men not to be named here, but appreciated, inspired speeches including from our host, both personal & promotional, jazz, accapello singing of rich expression, power & control, learning what a fallen purple flower taste like (don’t recommend its bitterness), renewal of friendships in person & most important to me, an affirmation of my pendulum come to rest, straight orientation (thank you gentleman for treating as a lady while I enjoyed your masculine company).

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