A word with you from Kristine


Here is another reason for you to admire my staff!

Kristine Starr is a energetic New Yorker who learned everything she knows by getting beat up in NYC public schools. After fighting her way from the canyons of Queens College through Columbia University, she cut her teeth on Capitol Hill. After leaving politics, she worked various freelance editing and teaching gigs. This led to the establishment of her education company which creates custom curriculum for learners outside of a traditional school environment. She is currently taking a break from all of her former lives; some of which may include: electrician, diving instructor, photographer and adventurer.

Does your book need a little push?  Kristine will be re-invigorating a dormant feature here at the towers, composing author interviews and letting folks know where they can buy your book–and why they should!

Hit her up!  kristine@awordwithyoupress.com   Let her know you would love to get verbal with her–there is no fee to promote your book in this manner, and you can download your interview to use as you see fit, be it FaceBook or your own website.





4 thoughts on “A word with you from Kristine

  1. Paige Strickland says:

    1- This is a friendly, accepting community.
    2- Improvement: Maybe more updates as reminders to keep in touch. (I know life gets in the way…)
    3-Website: I don’t know…Maybe more contests?
    4- not sure
    5- Not as many as I should. A few…(but as stated above Life gets in the way…)
    6- 8: N.A.
    9-4 or 5
    10-12: If I were email or FB messaged more I would do better at being more involved.

    • Kristine Starr says:

      Thanks so very much for the feedback Paige! (I hear you on life getting in the way!!!)
      We are grateful you are here and part of the community!

  2. Derek Thompson says:

    1. Interactivity – so writers share, connect, explore & develop.
    2. We can’t do everything so let’s do ‘some’ things well.
    3. It depends what people want, and why they’re here.
    4. See 3. above. Same doubloon, different side.
    5. Not sure.
    6. No favourite, but genre, word count, themes & deadline are good practice. And stick to the rules! Yes, I colour within the lines!
    7. Whatever the Muse sings to – and my free time.
    8. Never hated one. Some didn’t call to me.
    9. Monthly means a lot of intros, posting and checking. Bi-monthly is better.
    10. I like Paige’s idea (see, I read comments). A weekly reminder?
    11. I commented on four.
    12. Anonymous posting? Interaction between comments can be useful too.

  3. Ed Coonce says:

    I do like the interactivity, and perhaps an expansion of it. As you may be aware, over the last five years, I have had stints as a board member on the Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation, Creative Director for Theatre Arts West, and now working on acting roles, set design and screenwriting in two movies for Sequin Productions. I have come down a very interesting path since our days on Tremont Street. I have gotten back to writing, have an anthology, “East Hell Boulevard.” I will try to enter a few more contests. Hope all is well.

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