A Winner is Announced…be excited!!

Yes, that is correct you lavely lot, Shawna is our winner in our CatTales competition- hurrah and well done to you m’lady!

This took a long while of deliberation, slowly trawling over and over the various stories, nibbling Hobnobs and supping on tea. But eventually, we made up our minds, and Ruthie agreed.

We had tonnes of fan-bloody-tastic entries, and well done to everyone and their vivid (if in some cases disturbed) imaginings. We thoroughly enjoying reading them, and we hope you did too.

To read the winning entry again click here and remember to congratulate Shawna!

9 thoughts on “A Winner is Announced…be excited!!

  1. Thornton Sully says:

    Bloody Brits!!!!! Can’t spell my name rite! It’s SULLY!!! As in a reputation to sully. Oops! Done that already.

    So Shawna! Can you send a picture of yourself or your kitty or both on line, so that the boys can have a go at giving you immortality in a cartoon with you having a staring role? And please send me your real world address so that I can send you the much coveted Cat Ass Trophy and a hundred pounds of kitty litter, or a hundred U.S. dollars (please specify your preference–Ruthie said something about paying the winner in pounds, so I assume she meant kitty litter.)

  2. Shawna says:

    Thanks everyone. There were many wonderful stories! I am honored to be among you all. I will take a picture of Master Wellington as soon as I can.

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