A (Whole Wheat) Grain of Courage!


As many of you know, M.L. Meier is one of our longest standing AWWYP contributors. Anyone who knows (and therefore, loves) her, realizes that her faith in the Lord runs deeper than any ocean on this earth. Here, she shares a TRUE story of survival during the Holocaust (I once called it “Hall of Cost” for a project in high school…turns out, my sixteen-year-old self hit the nail right on the head). Always have courage, and NEVER doubt the goodness that dwells in each of us human beings. With that said, here, is:


Her mother held her close, stroking her blonde tresses and looked into her blue eyes.

“Come back to me my fair Sarah.”

A starving, hopeless hunger filled each heart within the ghetto.

Sarah’s tiny frame slid through a small opening of the wall, where she blended into the busy street. Once in the store, she embraced her loaf of bread.

A woman suddenly shouted out, “Who is this girl?”

Sarah froze.

The merchant responded.

“I know her! Her mother is ill. Leave her alone!”

…and Sarah escaped without thanking the merchant whom she did not know.

We are all just humans, any way you slice it.
We are all just humans, any way you slice it.

7 thoughts on “A (Whole Wheat) Grain of Courage!

  1. Diane says:

    What a memory Miryam. It always is amazing what fear does to people – humans. Sometimes it destroys and sometimes it saves. A stark remembrance. Thank you.

  2. Michael Stang says:

    “Sarah’s tiny frame slid through a small opening of the wall,”
    Was this exemplary of the Jews of the ghettos, the Jews who hid in the forests, those who dared the roads? Survival was resistance as important as smuggling babies and the elderly to safe lands . The is unquestionable spirit in your writing, Miryam that sings with life and the responsibility to live it.
    Thank you for sharing this. Wonderful.

  3. Jon Tobias says:

    I appreciate what the word limit does for the story. Everything happens so fast as I’m sure it felt to “Sarah”. A certain sense of anxiety stays as she enters the street and then the merchant’s place. And then being “caught”, and due to the quick thinking and kindness of the merchant, being “rescued”. Very good write.

  4. Miryam says:

    Thanks to all for your comments.
    A story has very little purpose until it is read by others. Thanks for reading mine. AWWYP family are the best!
    Shavuah Tov (Have a good week)

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