A sad day at A Word with You Press


It is with great sadness that I learn and must convey that our frequent visitor and participant Sal Buttaci has died.  We use many euphemisms to somehow soften the impact.  We say someone has passed, or that is in the arms of the Lord, or is no longer among us, or has transitioned.  But the truth is harsh:  Salvatore Butacci is dead.

Those of you who have followed us since the beginning almost 10 years ago must certainly share my opinion of what a decent human being was Sal. Everything he submitted to us was up-beat, and kind-hearted, as was the man himself.  Several months ago I asked him if he would please contribute a story to the contest we have just concluded, and though he was in extreme physical discomfort he granted my wish.  He felt he was a part of this writing community and did not want to let anyone down.  The final story that he submitted is certainly in character: loving, innocent, and hopeful, and I have included a link.   Freud said immortality is being loved by many anonymous people.  I hope that is true, for surely, then, Sal is immortal.

Sal Buttaci enters the fray as Contestant #18

3 thoughts on “A sad day at A Word with You Press

  1. Miryam Howard says:

    Appreciate you sharing this news T. I will miss Sal’s endearing writing presence in our playground. Maybe he is meeting up with Peggy for a cup of coffee!
    Comfort to Sal’s family during this time.
    It makes me realize how much our written words are lasting memories long after we are gone, and so it will be with Sal’s stories.

  2. Michael Stang says:

    Sal was one of the good guys. The humanity of his writing always took center stage as did the man himself when he entered a contest here at the site or his own published collection of ‘Shorts’. I will miss him. Whenever he praised my writing, there was a swagger in my walk. And then, of course, there was Buttaci’s scotch.
    Remembrance to the Buttaci family and wish them well. We are all enriched by his friendship.

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