A new home for A Word with You Press

(Shown here are Thorn, Gary and Derek in a more sobering moment)

My lovable Literati!

Paraphrasing the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, “Friends can get you through times of no money better than money can get you through times of no friends.”  Tis true.

After a three year struggle with no money at this location, the Towers will once again evaporate into cyberspace. The aliens who in the past have abducted me have picked up my scent and the landlord gave them my address. You don’t have to do things on a shoe string unless you wear shoes.  I have decided to go barefoot.

An ex-marine told me a training exercise:  You are in a valley, surrounded by the enemy who holds the higher ground, you have run out of ammunition and the enemy has just received reinforcements and out-numbers you ten to one, and all his guns are trained at you.  What do you do?

Take the hill.

I had intended over two years ago to go on book tour, and visit the friends that I had made on the site at that time.  The idea was that I would be the entertainment for a party arranged by each of our friends, I would read and sell books, and a good time would be had by all. I would first drive from San Diego to Canada, and on the return trip I would hold writer’s workshops for those I met on the way up.

The trip was never consummated because I was having too much fun with the website.  And now I am out of ammunition.

Time to take the hill!

Starting in mid-July I will make the trip north.  I would love to meet everyone who visits us on line. Knowing that you are the Literati and I have nurtured those who have a  limited attention spam, I will save the details for another post, but leave a comment below with your city location if you are ANYWHERE in the States.  After I go north to find out if Puget is really sound, and return, I need to eat fried chicken in Alabama.  And throw the bull in Texas. See how peachy Georgia is. And find the floor in Florida.

And keep your calendar open for June 21rst, when we will have The Third Annual Editor-in-Chief Surprise Birthday Party. (and wet-T shirt contest) To be held in Oceanside at a yet to be determined location.

I remain grateful to all who help build these towers and build our community. I will continue run contests, but the new feature, once the tour begins, will be to tell YOUR stories, as I meet you on the road.  Hmmnn. On The Road.  Sounds catchy.






I have a limited retention spam

34 thoughts on “A new home for A Word with You Press

  1. Stars Fall On My Heart says:

    Thorn: I’m going to be in Seatle from July 6th-21st, so if you’re around, I’d love to see you!!!

  2. Tiffany Monique says:

    Thorn, you are a pioneer at a time when people have difficulty believing there is anything new to find. You are a journey-taker, an adventurer, and I know what it is to have wanderl— (I know once I put that word down you will officially STOP paying attention to anything I’ve said). Be sure to send postcards. I will give you a book of postcard stamps, and a mission, should you choose to accept it.

  3. 1948pdobbs says:

    My best wishes and prayers go with you, of course. You’ve gotten us all addicted to you and your toys and now…off you go! When you get to Alabama you will have bed and board along with a party. Just let me know when.
    Will this site be closed down as of July?
    Blessings, pd

  4. KYLE Katz says:

    There are those times in life where familiar spirits are
    gathered together, to lift , to learn, to grow, to laugh, to toast our
    imaginations. The tower continues
    to live for me, through each of you. My life is enriched because of all of your
    stories, I am once again
    vibrant with purpose. I thank you.
    And to my Dearest Thorn, who in my eyes was never a prick. But a magical
    wizard sharing his lava of words
    and anecdotes with a vision…which spilled over forever changing my world.(ooo that’s a good

    So I drink from my favorite cup, switching to organic tea,
    (major change), The cup my best friend gave me almost 3 years ago. It says “write your own story.” And I
    did! Love and Joy. Humbly kyle.

  5. Mac Eagan says:

    I live ANYWHERE in the States. Well, I used to be willing to live Anywhere and at times it felt like I had lived Everywhere. But I am still living Somewhere, and it is in the States. So if you decide to go Somewhere, let me know.

  6. Diane Cresswell says:

    Are you going to leave bread crumbs along the way for us to find you in case the aliens want to do more than play poker with you? Hopefully the road farther will give you blessings further along the way. Will seem so strange to go by the towers and see spiders spinning webs of beauty, leaves covering the front steps and curtains permanently closed. However, the grapevine is rumbling and the termites are staking a claim. Is the contest over now – I know I sent mine in and its not up so just wondering if this one goes no farther…safe journey me jefe – and a homing beacon will be attached to the van so that the lost can be found…

      • Diane Cresswell says:

        Lordy that’s what I get for writing when drinking or drinking while writing…anyway to clear this up…it was the termites staking claim to the building and…was wondering if the current contest was over is what I think I meant… at least got that cleared up….maybe…sorry chief for the mixup…

  7. Kenneth Weene says:

    May the road rise to meet your step and the wind be ever at your back. Well, that’s too much to hope for, so just don’t stumble to often, and if you ever get to Phoenix warn us so we can either buy you a drink or evacuate.

  8. Granny says:

    Well I’ll tell y’a one damn thing, you little pecker-head!
    You sure know how to cut and run when times get bad.

  9. Michael Stang says:

    Jesus, you think your twenty-two or something. Where is Clark going to drop his pants from now? What about the cats?? Are you solo on the road??? I will not miss the towers but I will miss the idea of the towers, as I have it developed in my head, But here is the thing. No stranger to change, and envious of the excitment on a new road, I bid you safe adventures and lots of them. Carring you literary life on your back from door to door takes some serious ‘boys’ (thanks Gary), I envision the Hobbit leaving the Shire, but perfectly understand the lack of romance involved. I’m trying to create a schedule that would befit your traveling show here in Paso Robles, and will continue that when we talk. We will always leave the light on for you.

  10. SuzanneLiy says:

    My heart breaks at this news, yet it also rejoices with you on your new adventure. Thorn, you and those special towers, started me on my journey as the woman warrior writer. I will never forget painting the walls, nor will I forget my “Wall Sisters.” The barbecues, always feeling warm, safe, and embraced, as I stuck my foot into that hot water to try out the current. It seems that as the towers evaporate, and my heart breaks with the memories, new ones have risen up for me. I wish for you many safe travels and when you return, you will be embraced all over again. I will miss you and the towers greatly. As a playwright, I look at it this way: we both had the great honor to meet upon the Stage, and perform great works together. Now the curtain closes and we must exit the Stage. I do hope to meet again upon the Stage, to yet perform again. Until the next curtain call, my friend, until the next curtain call.

  11. Name; well it said pick a name says:

    San Diego to Canada? Does that pass Meltdown De MoBurry ? The chicken round here comes from Kentucky. It’s beaten to death , freed from any sense of flavour, Dipped in a sweet oily gunge and served just like that famous pizza, in a lightly toasted condom. Delicious.

  12. Derek says:

    I’m honored (see, YOUR spelling…) to be considered a fabulously freaky brother – I love those guys. I’m with the crowd here: a sense of sadness that the place we called home has turned to faery dust, and a sense of excitement for you. Shoot, there has to be a book in all this somewhere! I wonder whether we could have averted this crisis, if we all somehow pulled together more, or differently, but, to quote Watership Down, “…What is is what must be.” And they knew how to rabbit.

    So pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and get thee to a service station. It’s time your own creative spark was served first for a change. And, like Bogart never said: “We’ll always have cyberspace.”


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