A Literary Barn-raising


Here is a rare moment when I will avoid putting gravitas on a lo-carb diet, our mission statement. 

This is important.

Victor Villasenor is a national treasure, and his books have added real dignity to the American experience, through the philosophy of inclusion. From Rain of Gold to Burro Genius to Lion Eyes, Victor has consistently offered us hope and inspiration.  Thrice times for these labors Victor has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Publishing (preaching to the choir, here) has changed dramatically over the past few years, and it remains in flux. The advances that could sustain a writer of literary fiction are a thing of the past.  (People ask me what literary fiction is; I tell them The Old Man and the Sea is not about fishing)

Victor has embarked on an important new work, and in order to sustain him and see that it reaches the public, he has asked the very readers and fans that he has earned over the last forty years to help fund the project.  I am one of those fans and am delighted to be asked to do so.  Broke as I am, I put in $26 and my only regret is that I can’t afford more.

Here is a link we posted a few days ago: http://www.awordwithyoupress.com/2012/09/27/revenge-of-a-catholic-schoolboy-victors-new-book-now-on-indiegogo/

You can also go to his website, www.victorvillasenor.com and choose a level of donation that you can be comfortable with.  There are perks offered to all donors, so your generosity is actually rewarded in tangible ways.

I consider it a barn-raising.  All of us who write need financial support in either traditional or non-traditional ways if we are to articulate and share our vision of the world.  So let’s consider this Victor’s barn raising.  Your turn may come; so will mine.  But let’s pull out the saw horses, hammers and nails.

There.  I got all the way through this post without once putting gravitas on a lo-carb diet!




Rather than walking around Amishly, let’s build a barn for our neighbor VictorVillasenor!



4 thoughts on “A Literary Barn-raising

  1. Michael Stang says:

    Like the revolutions so common to Victor’s history, the tendency  is to sacrifice for the hero.  The epitome of the  cause, the one who can exude efforts from thousands to make a better world.  Yes, yes, this is Victor’s time.  Anyone of us who have read him will instantly agree.  He has taught us so much.  I will lend him all that I can. I must say his new book is ambitious to the point of breaking a threshold, but that is what Victor is as an author-groundbreaking.

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