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A Word with You Press is a playful, passionate, and prolific consortium of writers connected by our collective love of the written word. We are drawn to the notion that there is nothing more beautiful or powerful than a well-told story.

We also run a de-facto writers’ workshop by sponsoring online contests for our international writing community to give them an opportunity to see their works published as well as to get both peer and professional feedback.

We realize that great writers and artists don’t just happen – they are created by inspiring, mentoring, and nurturing their emergence and this belief informs all of our work.

A writer is among the lucky few who discovers that art is not a diversion or distraction from everyday life; rather, art is an essential expression of the human spirit.

Aside from our jovial contests, vibrant camaraderie and international peer-support we offer bespoke publishing services including editing, proofing, book design, printing and marketing.

We also have a store in which we sell all books we’ve published as well as books suggested by authors and friends fitting our designs.

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