Grant Laurence will soon have his alone time mandated by the law: Solitude


by Grant Laurence

Samsung flat-screen TV

The American Dream

The bigger the better

Modern cancerous stream


Domestic uncertainty

All that noise from next door

TV, shouting and banging

Too loud to ignore!


I move to the back-yard

And navigate that high wall

But being no Steve McQueen

I topple and fall


The surgeon says “lie still”

Whilst assessing my wound

Double checks my insurance

And I’ll be home soon


To my own happy household

Italian Mother-in-Law

And if my wife ever turns into

Hand me the gun in that draw!


Back to the bath overflowing

Oh, what a curious boy

With little understanding

Still thinks water’s a toy!


And a flood to remember

Mother-in-Law, Neighbors all dead!

Blissful peace & tranquility

All alone in my bed


But wait just a minute

Whose pound splits my door?

An over the top greeting

This is trouble for sure!!

Grant Laurence regrets not fixing the doorbell
Grant Laurence regrets not fixing the doorbell





3 thoughts on “Grant Laurence will soon have his alone time mandated by the law: Solitude

  1. Mac Eagan says:

    I have read your other posts here and you are quite talented but this piece seems . . . lost. The opening stanza does not seem to connect with the narrative that follows – I think you could have left it off entirely. And I think “Italian mother-in-law” and “gun in that draw” was too rigid of a rhyme: the slant rhyme “in that drawer” would have probably worked better.
    Of course, understanding another’s writings is also dependent on understanding the author – which we do by exposing ourselves to his writing. In other words, keep submitting your work here. I look forward to getting to know you better.

  2. Grant Laurence says:

    Appreciate your feedback, Mac. I saved my least best effort for last!
    Delighted to have found a place where I can hopefully hone my writing skills, and learn from some very talented individuals, including yourself.
    Thanks again,

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