A letter from the Editor

with Frank, expat author and owner of Bukowski's in Prague

(That would be me!)


Good morning all, and Happy New Year.
We all have our stories of changed lives and aspirations impacted by covid, and the normal machinations of life.  I don’t want to lose our connections.  Quite the contrary, I want the depth of our connections to one another to intensify. I believe we share the value that life without such connections is arid, and helps the Sahara grow, grains of sand its only crop.
I will be in Prague (I live now in Ceske Budejovice) from January 10-15 and perhaps even longer.  My editing income is strong enough at the moment that I can indulge myself in something I have always wanted, and that is to have eye surgery so that I no longer have a glass shield between me and the world, and your beautiful faces.  It requires that I be in Prague for the week, and I will be staying at the Botel Admiral, my home away from home when I am in my favorite city ion the world.
Since I will be in Prague, I want to have a get-together, covid permitting. Not sure of the venue or dates–I only know I miss you all, and will send details as I know them.
Also if I extend my stay a day or two before or a day after, I may want to reactivate my plan to make a series of short videos based on my book Fire in the Belly: How to write your novel with Purpose and Passion.
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I will have some money available to see that happen so that I can create a course to post on Udemy.  I hope I can discuss that with you all as well, though perhaps not at our party but individually.  As I envision it now, there will be seven short videos at seven intriguing locations in Prague.  Bukowski’s?   Or maybe the underground Venuse?

We’re not in Kansas anymore
I think most of you know my push-the-envelope style. I ain’t gonna lecture with a desk in front of me and bookshelves behind me to establish faux credibility.  Being a writer is pretty fucking exciting, so why throw water on the flames when gasoline is available? I would love your ideas for the project. Lemme know also if you want to be in the videos.
I hope this finds you in a state of being loved and loving.
Please forward this to anyone in Prague you think we should add to our tribe of kindred spirits.  I know there are names I left out for lack of having their email address.  If you want to attend the party, send a request to my email, thorn@awordwithyoupress.com
By the way, the Towers that are A Word with You Press now has non-profit status, meanng we’ll be able to approach funders for more ambitious literary projects in 2022.


  1. John Savage says:

    Dear Thorn,
    Holiday greetings from southern California. Hope your holidays were and will continue to be great.
    Those of us stuck in the San Diego area miss you and those wonderful meetings in Oceanside. The Czech Republic is a long drive away.
    May your future be bright, filled with success and happiness.
    John Savage

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