First dinner-date with a Muse!

An anonymous muse wandering the shopping mall in Prague
An anonymous muse found wandering the shopping malls of Prague in search of a deserving writer

what EVER will we talk about?


I hope you have exploited the imposed quarantines and limits to mobility as an opportunity to finish that novel you promised yourself with LAST year’s resolution…Oh? … not yet?  Recycling is a good thing, we all agree, so perhaps you can recycle that resolution for 2021.

And I’m here to help.  I am completing an ebook about editing and novel writing culled from 20 years of my own experience and that of other professionals. It should be available by the end of January, and an online, interactive course available shortly there-after.

Here is an excerpt from the prologue to Genius Editing: Everything you wanted to know about TEXT but were afraid to Ask!  (working title, likely to change)

Why do people bother to write at all?

Think long and hard before you speculate. Reduce the enormity of the question by simply asking yourself, why do you write?  Every how to writing class you could ever take will result in a paint-by-numbers manuscript if don’t know why you’re willing to walk on broken glass to free the words held hostage behind your computer screen. Without that certainty, you might fill in your canvas or fill up your word-count, but so what?  What is it that writing does for you that no other pursuit can provide? When Beethoven was asked why he wrote music, he unhesitatingly answered, “To change the world.” This was not arrogance, but certainty.

Don’t reserve a table for that first dinner date with your muse until you can declare why you are possessed to write. She’s not into small talk and can spot a phony, but she’ll feel your warmth if you have fire in the belly, and will sidle up to you, and willingly offer you inspiration and the words you’ll need to seduce your readers if you’re straight with her. Be worthy of her. Let her know why you write, and why you need her company. Do this, then what to write and how to write will fall into place like stardust.

Your first revelation by engaging in the muscle-building chapters presented here will be that you have grossly underestimated your abilities to write, and to write well. I will help you tap your potential; doing so is the nexus of all successful editor/writer partnerships. And here is a startling observation, hiding in plain sight: the same amount of effort invested into mediocre work can, if properly channeled from the start, result in brilliance. Trees are pruned as they grow.


Your table is waiting--this one at the New York Cafe in Budapest
Your table is waiting…this one at the New York Cafe in Budapest!




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Although 2020 set the bar pretty low, I hope you’ll agree that 2021 will be a great year for us all!  Happy New Year.  Be excellent!










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    Michael Stang says:

    Mr. Thorn, hello from the ravaged coast of California.
    Wishing all well and safe. Tried to call on the international line but that doesn’t seem to work.
    Anyways, there is this poet who has something to say, and think you two could make history. Touch base please to let me know its okay to have her query.

    Best, Mike

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    Ed Coonce says:

    I have completed a new parody, “Fun With Our Friends.” I took a Dick and Jane reading primer from my second grade years and changed all the dialog to adult. No more “see Spot run.” More like, “Spot, what the hell’s wrong with you?” And so on. Father’s having an affair with High School Susie, the girl next door, Mother’s a hillbilly of sorts, and Grandfather is constantly trying to strangle someone, as the barn’s burning down. Pete is autistic, and Puff thinks the sandbox is a litter box. It’s been fun, and it’s a parody. Hope to reconnect soon, lots of health problems right now, but I keep chugging along. Be safe, everyone. You may listen to some of my stories on my podcast at anchorFM.

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