Essential Americans Anthology


As America plunges into chaos, it is easy to despair.

But what if the streets flexing violence from Portland to Park Avenue are an expanding and contracting birth canal? What if all this struggle on the pavement we are witnessing is really the labor pains of a new America, about to break water?

Who would hush the voices, and deny the miracle of birth?

Not us.  In fact, we invite you to scream.

We are going to publish the stories of Essential Americans marginalized by our indefensible history of oppression, whether overt or unintentional.

Our first collection will focus on the litany of injustices that have bludgeoned our senses since the killing of George Floyd, our collective wake-up call. Tell us, through your stories, essays or poems, you who have suffered the most, of your experience and revelations during this period of national reflection.

But we also encourage those who have never had to question their right to a place at the table to tell America of your experience. Where did our racist attitudes come from? How are they passed on from one generation top the next? Were you able to thwart its growth within you? The anthologies that we are proposing will eventually be all-encompassing, addressing the particular histories and perspectives of every community within our shores marginalized by what seems to be our endemic prejudices, and faith in conformity, rather than in diversity.

Send submissions of up to 1,000 words to for consideration.  Times New Roman, Double spaced.  Anger is fine, hate speech is not. Stories of reconciliation even better. We reserve the right not to publish any stories submitted to us, but will Paypal the authors of stories we do publish an honorarium of $25, and will send a copy of

Essential Americans:

The Stories that can no longer be Ignored


Subsequent anthologies will focus on the unique perspectives of each community within the American family still waiting for a seat at the table.

Here’s a link to our GoFundMe Campaign

and to our video in support of this project:

We’d love to hear from you.  What’s your story?  Let the sunshine in.




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