The Great AWwYP Published Author Interview Project

Originally the brain-child of Kristine Starr (who now pursues greater things in the noble profession of education), a column featuring published members of the AWwYP community seemed a faded and broken dream, a tattered flag drifting like unwanted flotsam upon the field of best laid plans mourned by mice and chewed upon by men… or something like that.

Ben Angel (the one in the foreground)

But no more! Thanks to the tireless annoyance of would-be interview subjects by Associate Editor Ben Angel, we can in this third week of August 2019 begin to present to you, oh literati, a collection of interviews conducted by email with our writers around the world. With great appreciation for their participation, we share their stories of success, their insight into the process of writing and publishing, and their aspirations and perspectives on subjects that might be helpful to those seeking to take yet another step toward their ultimate place in the literary world.

As this introduction is being written, interviews are being conducted for the third and final batch of authors selected for this project. All those who have responded and participated, their interviews will appear here (free of charge) over the coming weeks. As this is an excellent way in which to increase publicity for your writing, we’ve been urging those we’ve contacted to take advantage of this opportunity. In the future, such interviews may be conducted only as a paid service, and we’ll offer suggestions on how to maximize its promotional value. (contact Thorn in order to set up if you aren’t in the third batch or not already in the midst of being actively interviewed as of August 2019).

Look for this to be a regular feature every Friday for at least the next 10 weeks, as we have the interviews of ten writers in the hopper.

“Don’t let them know you had to learn how to write.  Tell them you were born that way.”   (Earnestly Hemingway)

Editor-in-chief being brilliant


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