Our new contest: The Coffeeshop Chronicles II: The Refill

Our paranormal Stefanie Allison gets it right

“If I hear just ONE more word from you, I’ll…

ask for up to 499 more, and pay you for it!


Announcing our new contest:

The Coffeeshop Chronicles II: The Refill

Ten years ago we launched our website with a contest invitation.  We asked for a story, any story, as long as you could tie it back to a cup of coffee.  The promise then was to publish the best 100 entries, resulting in The Coffeeshop Chronicles: Oh! The Places I have Bean! (We had 500 inquiries and 150 entries.)

Time for a refill.  Same parameters. Did you announce you were pregnant or wanted to be while sipping the brew?  Did you successfully break-up/get back together over cappuccino?  Pop the question?  What question? Discover you tossed the winning ticket to the lottery? Did you give your boss your long over-due assessment of his/her better qualities, concluding with the suggestion that the job needed to be filed where the sun don’t shine?  Nothing happened over a cup of coffee???  Make stuff up—you’re a writer!

All stories submitted (except those that disparage any category of humans or furry animals or are pornographic) will be published on-line.  The staff will select the best 50 for hard copy publication, but we will take into consideration comments from readers who leave comments. 

AND, rather than an entry fee of $10, we will pay $10 for each story selected for the hard copy edition… To qualify for publication you MUST leave comments on at least three stories that are not your own, and you must have at least five comments on your own story. Be genuine and helpful with your comments. But you can stack the deck! Invite your friends to comment, and to share your story on FaceBook.

AND A BONUS!  $50 to the story that garners the most comments (we don’t count your commenting on what others have said about your work.) All payments dispersed upon publication of The Coffeeshop Chronicles II: The Refill.

You can submit up to three stories. Each must have a title, be double spaced, Times new Roman, with your name and also your email address, which remains private. Submit as a word doc attachment to thorn@awordwithyoupress.com. Deadline is September 15th.

But wait!  There’s more! Three finalists will be selected and given a specific prompt to complete. I will name my next illegitimate child after the winner, or, if you prefer, send you an outrageous trophy and plaque yet-to-be created as testimony to your talents. By submitting (Aaahhhh!  Submission!) you give us the right to publish (or not) your stories on-line and one-time rights to publish as hard copy, after which all rights revert back to you.

Oh…Why 50 and not 100?  Easy. I am paying for this. In addition to paying $500 for 50 stories, I absorb all other publication and administration costs.  I will set up a GoFundMe campaign for those of you who want to support this project in this way, or you can donate through Paypal when you send in your entries, but is entirely at your option.  This website exists to support writers like you.

Have some fun with this one.  I intend to!

Cappuccino in Budapest.  I happened to be at this cafe the day Orban was elected.  Now THERE’S a story!


  1. Stefanie Allison

    As a former barista, I have to say…this is the LONGEST I’ve waited for a refill! Why, I NEVER!

    Oh the beans I have to spill since our first cup!!! Looking forward to see what pours from the carafes of our souls!

  2. Avatar
    Ed Coonce says:

    There will be no decaf from these here parts. I’ll find that perfect mix of caffeine, adventure, conflict, and…and uh……..sex. Yeah, that’s it! Oh, and maybe a hero we can empathize with, like Hello Kitty, or maybe Lurleen, Billy Bob’s ex.. There will be cream and sugar, for sure.

  3. Avatar

    Paid for coffee? Now that’s novel. No, wait, it’s short fiction – or confession. I’m intrigued to see where the caffeine-laced road leads our writers this time.

  4. Avatar

    Wine-infused, Sriracha Chocolate, Handcrafted goodness–it feels like we’re getting the band back together! Here’s to you Peggy and Gary! I hope to feel your essences all up and through the brew!

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