SD Writer’s Festival

Just in time for the AWWYP June 15 get together in Oceanside, San Diego is celebrating writers with a downtown festival! And our dear diva Tiva is in a panel! Way to go Tiffalicious!


We didn’t do it, but we wish we did!

San Diego now has a writers festival, whose secret mission is to woo me back for our Annual Writers’ and Creatives’ Reunion at the hacienda of Victor Villasenor on June 15th. I’ll be Czeched out until then, but they are still sending flowers and candy.

Saturday, April 13, 2019
at the San Diego Central Library

Not only that, our associate editor and resident diva, Tiffany Vakilian, will be speaking! Her panel takes place right after Piper Kerman’s interview. Kerman is this year’s keynote speaker, and author of the bestseller (now a hit series on Netflix), Orange is the New Black.

Way to go Tiffany!


  1. Wow, Thorn–thanks for the love! I wish you could be there physically, but you are always there for me and with me in your own other magical ways. Bring on the contest! And get ready for a nice big hug and kiss on June 15th!

  2. Michael Stang says:

    All the good luck and the fancy stuff at the conference, V, I’m with you in spirit.

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