Our New Contest: “High Heeled Sneakers”


Greetings from your friendly neighborhood editor-in-training: Alexis!

First, a disclaimer:  We are not soliciting business for Nike.  Although we occasionally take a walk on the wild side, we are definitely not sneaker pimps!

The time has come to submit your stories to our newest contest!

High Heeled Sneakers

We want to hear about a piece of clothing that has personal significance to you! Pick one of our 25 phrase prompts (or make one of your own!) and write about a personal history with a clothing item related to that prompt and why it means so much to you, or dress up a fictitious story one of the prompts inspire!  Is it that cape you splayed over the mud for your queen?  That glass slipper your date lost while escaping your advances? The negligee that appeared on Ebay after its mysterious disappearance from the gazebo after that clandestine encounter last Saturday night?  Tell us! Below is the list from Nordstrom’s rack and your local Goodwill.  Feel free to select a prompt that has already been selected, but the contest will be over ONLY once all of the prompts have been “a-dressed.”

  1. Blue suede shoes
  2. Birthday suit
  3. Poodle skirt
  4. Zoot suit
  5. “These boots were made for walking”
  6. “So your shoe, so are you”
  7. “Skirting” the issue
  8. Jean genes
  9. Hats off to you
  10. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes
  11. Wife-beater shirt
  12. Leather and lace
  13. Punks and patches
  14. Dressed to kill
  15. Feeling nearly faded as my jeans
  16. Itsi-bitsi-teenie-weenie yellow polka-dot bikini
  17. Ugly Christmas sweater
  18. Your Famous Blue Raincoat
  19. Black tie
  20. The shirt off my back
  21. The Emperor’s new clothes
  22. Mismatched socks
  23. Cargo shorts
  24. “man pockets”
  25. Handkerchief ((*I put this one in because it’s an odd word that I find interesting*))

The winner will receive a pair of ruby slippers to walk down your own yellow brick road.

Submit your story- it’s a shoe in!  Here are submission details: https://awordwithyoupress.com/contest/stepping-into-our-next-contest-high-heel-sneakers/

What clothing sparks your desires?

3 thoughts on “Our New Contest: “High Heeled Sneakers”

  1. Seyfert, PhD says:

    My name is Dr. Seyfert. I live on MoxAT-TAxoM. This contest resonated with me. I will be entering. The only problem is your prize. I have three (3) feet, all different sizes. If I win, may we please donate the ruby slippers to a Terran group that distributes clothing to those in need?

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