Some Final(ist) Words of Wisdom!

I'm having more fun than youuuu!!!

Now get out there and LIVE!!!


Our parade of finalists comes to a final stop with Mary Willmont! With some last words of wisdom, here is:

AT 81

At 81, here’s my take on fear.

It’s quite helpful for flight or fight situations. It’s usually based on a story that may not be true. A sense of humor is a marvelous antidote for exorcising fear. An upbeat attitude can be a powerful shield against those nasty slings and arrows of outrageous fortune on which fear feeds. Nurturing my body, mind and soul gives me the strength to face fear when it tries to lead my parade, A quick way to get past fear is to face it. Fear is a lousy traveling companion, so choose a different one.



  1. I loved the phrase “likes to lead my parade”. It reminds us that we are always on the move and that even fear is a transient emotion so we can quickstep out way out of it.

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