When Danger Reared Its Ugly Head…

It's a marathon of bravery!

…He bravely turned his tail and fled!


Fight or flight? Looks like our next finalist Randy Zuniga has chosen flight (hopefully from JetBlue–so cheap!!!) Here is:


Night trail running… I looked over and saw this dark object just outside the range of my headlamp running alongside me. I ran faster and so did it…

Somehow a bear must’ve escaped from the zoo. It seemed to be that size. Maybe a Triceratops!

I ran faster as it did too. It started to veer over towards my path and still just out of range of my head lamp. The crackling and crashing of sage stopped. On the trail right in front of me. I stopped. It’s finally in the range of my lamp…

It was a cow.



  1. This is so cool, Randy. I imagine a Triceratops wearing a cow’s costume hiding a man inside. I imagine all sorts of things as the creative suspense holds me to the stone.

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