Her perfect lover. Laura Girardeau revisits our contest.

It is our nature to love

All the sensuality of romantic love in these intimate revelations, here. And no morning-after regrets!


Laura Girardeau informs us through the elegance of her poetic words, that her first lover  is nature.

Nature is my First Lover

by Laura Girardeau


Nature is my first lover.

I lay naked on tawny fields,

waiting for nothing but Now.

I taste the delicious dirt
society tries to wash away.

I admire the bright rebuttal

of October leaf.

I court river rocks,

hold their smooth, blue bodies

to my ear to hear

all the world’s water

humming in their hearts.


I dance in ponderosas’

cinnamon embrace, their skin

rough comfort on my cheek.

Even snow does not chill me.

It softens me like an apology,

lays out the blank page

before the poem.





  1. Laura G says:

    Note that due to computer browser issues, etc., the original stanzas are not showing up here. However, nature is not ordered by stanzas, so maybe this is appropriate.

  2. Laura, the stanza’s played within my own mind as I read this. Capturing the essence of nature is not an easy task, yet I fell in love with it all over again, reading your poetry. In fact, I could see myself in awe of what nature has provided and I loved it. Thank you

  3. Amanda Byzak says:

    I, too am an avid nature lover. My mother used to take me as a little girl to a small secluded area and we would sunbath naked and I would play in the water and let the minnows kiss my toes. One of my favorite memories that brought to the forefront of my mind with this poem. Thank you. I love the personification of the rocks and some of those words choices were perfect: delicious dirt, bright rebuttal, softens me like an apology… Just wonderful!

  4. Laura G says:

    Glad this sparked memories for you, and encourages you to get out in nature again! Thanks for your comment, everyone!

  5. Miryam says:

    Your love for nature is written very beautifully…. Gds handiwork is everywhere!
    Thanks for the lovely reminder Laura.

  6. Laura G says:

    Wow, Tiffany. I bookmarked your poem. Yes, I see similarities in our poetry and sensual sensibilities. Your work is honest and raw, yet connecting and inviting. Can we go so far as to say that a woman’s touch is caressing the words?

  7. Diane Cresswell says:

    Being a nature lover – this flowed so well in my mind and vision. Beautifully done.

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