The view from the Towers this morning

Who needs color when you can have black and white?

Like many of our readers making a last minute attempt to make our deadline, Winter has made this last-ditch effort–On St.Patrick’s Day, no less–for relevance, before the first day of spring. Winter, and a selected few, have made the deadline!


We have experienced a glitch on the site on-and -off for the last several days. At times, the entire site has disappeared, and at the moment (or at least as of ten minutes ago) the contest apercu had disappeared.  Perhaps under a blanket of snow?  We do know that this glitch is not of our making, but of Word Press, and we hope it clears up soon.

We will begin posting stories again later today. We have about a dozen stories still to post, that did arrive before the Ides of March deadline, and will post at the rate of two or three a day. When all stories have been posted, we will announce five finalists: three chosen for their creative abilities either in words or in bribery, and two random selections. These finalists will be given a new prompt and three days to submit (ahh! There’s may favorite word again!).

And then the voting will open to all who sent in entries to our contest.

Gotta go feed the reindeer.




  1. Miryam says:

    Very frustrating, but they say patience is a virture….this is especially needed in the cyber-world!
    B and I will stay calm, as we are accustom to glitches these days, (although have never completly disappeared).
    Thanks for all you and the crew do!

  2. David Jenkins says:

    Strange energy floats in
    And around Ballard,
    Seattle. Flowers, Blossoms,
    Spring things. Glistening
    With diamond rain-drops.
    Smiling sol warms the
    Soul. Soul: Stop the presses!

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