If you miss the train I’m on…

Editor in chief explains the consequences of missing a deadline to the new intern

20 minutes left!


Finalists have 20 minutes to get in their entries!  I haven’t checked the male pouch–oops!  MAIL pouch (which brings to mind a question:  is junk mail kept in a male pouch?).  Maybe we have a few finalist entries still to post, but surely everything will be posted by tomorrow afternoon, and then the voting will begin!

We will also post a list of Penn (station) names and the real authors, and see who can get the most correct.  Special prize to most correct guesses.

Da Train Boss…Da TRAIN!  I can see it coming!


  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Let’s add up the photo. Woman who saw “Annie Hall” too many times is tied up by a man dressed like an unemployed monkey grinder who saw too many spaghetti westerns, but not enough Viagra commercials. Check. Woman has her head on cold steel and back on splintery wood after being roughed up, kidnapped without flowers or dinner first. Check. The man laughs at her, because she is about to be run over by a train’s cow catcher. Check. The man (not the sharpest pencil) has forgotten to tie her legs together. Check. Tip to you men who get off on boundage. This is not a good first date idea. Lose the rope, bow tie and hat. No woman wants to tie the knot this way or be thought of as a cow led to the slaughter.

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