Kristy Webster’s GoFundMe raffle winner!

Careful, it might bite when you reach in...

Literati! Donating to Kristy’s campaign may have just started the ball rolling to save the world. Did you participate?







Just when you thought your evening was over – Literati! I have more news!

Those special persons who made donations to Kristy Webster’s GoFundMe Campaign were given various tickets amounts (depending on donations) for a special raffle to win video productions services from our fellow friend of the pun Billy Holder, based on how much they donated to Kristy’s campaign:
$10 donation increment = 1 ticket
$50 donation = 5 tickets + 5 tickets
$110 donation = 21 tickets
If you bought Tiffany Vakilian’s Ugly Drawers, Pretty Panties on Amazon and posted a review on Amazon before the 29th, that rated 1 ticket as well.

Well the rafflecopter landed, bestowing the name of our raffle drawing at the Book Launch, I mean Towers!

Please raise your glass and congratulate the winner of the raffle – Afrose Ahmed!

Many congratulations to the winner, and many many thanks to the campaign donors.