Tara Valentina wants to do it again!


by Valentina

What if you said…
You wanted to do it all again….

Would you…..

What if you said you wanted another chance….

Would it make your life
Seem enhanced….

Would you hold on to the thrill and the joy of

Would you make it
High on your list…

Would you realize the importance of being kissed…

The warm embrace..
The glow on her face..

Two hearts beating as if in a race…

A race to be loved..
Two bodies so close
They fit like a glove…

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4 thoughts on “Tara Valentina wants to do it again!

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Ms. Valentina gives us questions which haunt the mind corridors of the romantic intended. Well, at least her poem lingers, wanders through mine with the key word being “two”, because otherwise this tangoed set of questions are for naught. The word which most readers will relate to, but I find foreign is “race”. For a tango can be quick lively steps and yet a deep, frozen dipping as well.

    My personal answer dear poet is that I have no desire to initiate anything in romance again and yet given the incompleteness of my last kiss during this lifetime would welcome the last half from the other who did not kiss me back.

    This poem embraced my mind more as thorns with memories of petaled lips, so I do highly critique it and because I will read it several times over and over, I thank you for such a published poem.

  2. Tiffany V says:

    This flows like a foxtrot. It’s very visual. Not just the images, but the actual kinetic typography. The rhyme is overt but not obnoxious or rigid, and the question is framed beautifully. This poem could’ve included much more, but was ‘ladylike’ and didn’t gild the lily. It was a buzzing bee of a read.


  3. Tiffany V says:

    I posted a comment about this days ago… perhaps the censors cut it out. Le suck! Your poetry reads slow, slow, quick-quick, slow… like a foxtrot with the hiccup kickstep…

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