Hello? Is this thing on?

Codex Seraphinianus illustration
From the Codex Seraphinianus, one of the stranger books you will ever see.

I’ve spent the past couple months setting up some of the ‘technical’ stuff on the site – all the stuff you DON’T see. Now I need some help testing these contraptions. Can you help me?


I’m Morgan and I thought I would introduce myself here.  Some of you may already know me from previous adventures and iterations of the site.  Well, after a sojourn to Europe, I’ve been incubating the site and technology that brings this message to you.

Anyway, I’m now testing some of our nifty tools – one of them being a software which automatically sends this message (a new blog Post) to you.

Can you let me know if you received this by leaving a comment?  

You should see some kind of link to click and read – as I’m assuming you are reading this in your inbox if all went well – and by clicking, you’ll be directed to the ‘mirror’ of this Post on the site.

Note: we are still testing our newsletter feature at the moment too – things may be a bit bumpy, so please bare with us!


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