Important Changes to Peggy Dobbs Contest Judging

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Dearest All,

On behalf of Thorn and in consideration of our recent technical difficulties on the Web site, I’d like to let you all know about a few changes.

First, with regard to the Peggy Dobbs Contest, judging will be done by vote, which you may have seen in comments and in email. However, since our home page slider was temporarily down, you may have missed important information. Pardon the repetition if you’ve seen this in the previous blog about technical difficulties. Also, I’m paraphrasing Thorn below, which means the puns won’t be as good … or as bad. (They are puns.)

Thorn was lining up an impartial judge–one who has never seen our website and did not know the authors. However, this did not work out (for the current contest), so Thorn has opened judging to a voting process among our entrants, Thorn, and the AWwYP staff. To make certain that the voting is not a personality contest, the final stories were published without attribution.


Your votes should be sent to thorn at awordwithyoupress dot com. It should look like this:

2 votes: contestant # _____ (your favorite)

1 vote: contestant # _____ (your second favorite)

Please don’t include much text when you send your votes to Thorn. Save discussion for the blog comments to share with everyone.

Because these technical glitches have constricted communication, Thorn has extended the VOTING DEADLINE TO WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18th, 12 NOON Pacific Standard Time. We hope that this extension will allow all participants to vote.

To make it easier to find the finalists, the blog posts containing the stories are linked in the sidebar for your convenience.

In comments elsewhere Thorn said, “I am pleased with my choice to allow those who wrote stories to continue participation in an active way rather than just waiting passively for results. Thus far the voting is very close between two stories.”

The site is up and running after resolving some conflicts between changes in the back-end by our Web host and the software that runs our site. The home page slide show changed slightly, but otherwise, it’s business as usual.

So read … enjoy … vote!

~ Diana, Technical Director

5 thoughts on “Important Changes to Peggy Dobbs Contest Judging

  1. Mac Eagan says:

    I like the new slide show feature. I noticed each story in the slide opens in a new tab on my browser. Now I can click each story as it slides by, lining up all the stories to be read in succession without clicking, reading, back-arrowing, clicking, reading, back-arrowing, etc.
    Anxious to see who was selected as the winner!

  2. Kristy Webster says:

    The best part about this contest has been reconnecting with the writers and staff on this site. It feels like coming home. It’s been exciting to discover other writers and their unique styles and approaches to the writing prompts. I’m excited to see how everything turns out.

  3. thorn says:

    As of this morning–Tuesday–we have two stories that are neck and neck, and the lead changes with each voter who sends me their choices. I am hoping for a landslide one way or another, or I truly may end up The Decider. Tis not an enviable position!

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