Marathorn man…posting our final entries

(now that turkey is no longer on your plate, I will get down to the business of posting stories!)


Happy left-overs-day to all of you from the entire staff (moi) manning the towers that are A Word with you Press across from Friendship Square in beautiful sunny downtown Moscow, the land of the double entundra!  Happy day-after also from the rest of the staff scattered like the seed of Onan across the globe: Gary in Texas, Diana in San Diego, Derek  in the UK, Teri in Incestneedsus (oops!  Encinitas) and Billy in a quandry.

I had the expected rush of just-under-the-wire stories, the final one arriving at 10:30 last night from a french lad studying in the UK, Timur Iablokov.

Soon begins the marathorn; as best as I can tell, I have 22 stories still to post, which will commence later this afternoon. Below is the list of authors who have at least one story as yet unposted.  If you have submitted a story and do not see your name here please send me an email to thorn@awordwithyoupress with the appropriate combination of scold-and-bribe and I will see that your story gets on line.  I have listed first the authors who have two stories to be posted.  All others, unless I am corrected, have one story yet to be put on our blog.

I am as impressed as the rest of you with not only the quality of the stories, but the genuine appreciation expressed for our beloved Peggy Dobbs.  We done her proud with The First Annual Peggy Dobbs Write-of-Passage Contest.

I will stagger (I do that well, Mingles and Buchers ale houses are just across the street) the publication times for entries over the next five days so that everyone gets some hang time and a chance for you to post comments.This site survives and thrives only because of the author’s willingness to read and comment on the works of others! Please leave comments. For some writers, this may be the first time that they get public recognition for their work. Invite your friends to like us on Facebook, and please encourage them to leave comments as well.

After all stories are up I will announce six finalist– three based on my own prejudices and three at random. Finalists will then write 250 words to the prompt: “…but by then, it was too late.”

Here are the writers whose entries I have yet to post.

Caitlyn  2

KYLE Katz 2

Stefani Allison 2

All others with one story remaining to be posted:

Miryam Howard

Kenneth Weene

Jean Rodenbough

Sal Buttaci

Tad Koerner

Laura Girardeau

Patty Clark

Gary Clark (probably no relation, but he is from Texas)

Elizabeth Sloan

Mac Eagan

Suzanne Morse

Christina Starr

Julie Dunaway


Timur Iablokov

FJ Dagg.

Mike Casper

Although I miss everybody did I miss anybody?

Postings to begin about 6pm  Moscow time today…6 hours from now.



5 thoughts on “Marathorn man…posting our final entries

  1. Mike Casper says:

    Hey ya big lug, ya forgot ta mention my story, ‘Crossing da Riva’. I sent it to yas in oiley Novembah. What, ya wanna visit from my goombah in Moscow, Vinnie Ciccatori? He’s staked out ya digs, he knows ya patterns. Post my story and nobody gets hoit. Capisce, paisan?

  2. Glclark says:

    My first wife’s name was Patty…………. she wasn’t a writer though. She was a housekeeper and demonstrated her incredible talent for house keeping during our divorce. But we kinda expect that here in Texas though, ’cause we know sometime during our lifetime we’re gonna lose the trailer house either in a tornado or a divorce.

  3. Parisianne Modert says:

    There already exists such a wealth of stories which I have devoured that I am overwhelmed by the talented writers who are participating. I look forward to the many fine entries yet to appear. The question dear writers of such talent is what are you going to do with your skills in the future? Contest after contest Thorn has given many unknown writers such as myself and those who have become established to reach an audience and a greater audience respectively speaking. He has put his heart and unique humour to work for us. The question Is what are you going to do for him and this incredible publishing house of many services. I hope as you consider publishing more major works you will lend you trust to Mr. Thorton Sully and A Word With You Press. I believe he has more than earned our loyalty, friendship, respect and therefore our business in regards of publishing what we have written with or without editing services.

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