“Here is what you write about,”

said the editor-in-chief (moi) promptly…

Literati!  Our six finalists have been sharpening their pencils or dipping their quills  for the chance to bring Horace home as the winner of our Wingnuts contest. Here is all you need to do…

Write a love story.

In keeping with the general theme of our contest, somewhere within the text you must use the phrase: “…if only I had wings…”

The love can be between a man and a woman or any combination of the multiple genders we engender, between parent and child, between a soldier and his gun, a boy and his dog or a girl and her squid (see video starring Tesse Sully!),or even the love an artist or writer feels for his creation.

(Suffering Cephlopod !!)

Up to 750 words. Choose early as you begin whether you want to make us think or make us feel.  I need a good cry and I need a good laugh…How about you?

Your story must be submitted by June 20th.  The winner will be announced at The Third Annual Editor-in-Chief Surprise Birthday Party and Wet T Shirt Contest, to be held June 22nd  at the Hacienda in Oceanside of our good friend and author Victor Villasenor (www.victorvillasenor.com). We intend to podcast the event and will update you on how to participate.

Get on it. Love means never having to say you’re_______________(fill in the blank in the comments below)

14 thoughts on ““Here is what you write about,”

  1. Michael Stang says:

    ________________late…every time
    ________________love it
    ________________wanting T&A
    ________________secretly making no money
    ________________Of course I will order your favorite drink and play your favorite disk on the juke
    ________________Oh, shutup

  2. Salvatore Buttaci says:

    ____ in a hurry
    ____ keeping score
    ____ sorry about that
    ____ in need of a certain pill
    ____ somebody who cries when it’s over
    ____ making a movie

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