Clark just kent get it into his head he is no Superman


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At the L.A.Times Festival of Books we met Frenchman Alain Rheault, there to read from Joie de Vivre, which is French for Joie de Vivre.

You can visit Alain if you speak French as well as Moi at

Here is what happened on a typical date he had, as an entry into our contest Wingnuts.

House of Rock

by Alain Rheault

After a very nice romantic supper at a very upscale restaurant, my date decided we go for drinks. The only place around was this one, a real dive. We began enjoying our drinks and exchanging stories.

I said to her “You know, Shelley, we both just came here to enjoy a nice tasty beverage. And look who is here—Clark!—the dream breaker and the idea stealer.

That comment made her dislike him automatically. And then she asked me “What dreams did Clark break?’’

“One time I had this great plan for the best bar; everyone would kill to be inside,’’ I said. “ The bar would have live music, I mean rock music, music from talented bands that are on their way to making it big.’’

Shelly knew that there were bars like this and they never lasted long enough to make it the place to be. Shelly asked “What’s your plan? What’s the gimmick to make people want in?’’

Every smart entrepreneur* knows that you need to create a want, something that people didn’t know they wanted until you create something that they want. I said “They want live classy Rock, music that they can appreciate while drinking.” Clark approached our table and said “Hello. How are you doing, losers?’’

Shelley said “Get out of my bar, Clark.”

This place is now called House of Rock.

*(editor’s note: this was hard to translate, as according to George W the French don’t even have a word for entrepreneur)


You can tell by the roof the place is slated from greatness

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