Proud Mary keep on yearning…a new wingnut entry

Here is a picture of Mary, Queen of Scotch, on casual Friday


Maryly Maryly Maryly Maryly life is but a dream.

Vincent Pritchard is new to our site, coaxed into the playground by our own Diana Diehl… The more the Maryer.

Vincent calls his entry into our Wingnuts contest, which ends June 10

Quiet Mary

by Vincent Pritchard

Last night, I had a woman with over-sized glasses ask me where her kids were. I told her half of what Mary whispered: In a red-roofed house by the south bypass (jumbled and tangled in black garbage bags). The night before, an old man with too many cigarette burns on his fingers asked what would happen if he left his wife: She will move to Barcelona and become an actress (on a stage where men come and go but she stays forever).

Tonight, though, a young girl asked what the meaning of her life was. I waited, but Mary only whispered three words: “I can’t see.” I told the girl I would be back, had to have a piss.

Mary explained. “I don’t know what it is about this girl, but she is blank. Or closed. I cannot trace her threads. That has only ever happened with you.”


“So what do I tell her?”

Mary shrugged.

I walked back out of the bathroom, brushing my hands on my pants. “Guess I’ll just have to wing it.”

The girl sat patiently as I returned. I sighed.

Make it up.

“Your life is different,” I began. “You are something special, I guess. The answers for you are going to sound strange, but–”

She cleared her throat. “I am sorry, but I was told this was a one-on-one deal. Who is she?” she asked, indicating over my shoulder.

I swallowed hard.

“You… can see her?”


11 thoughts on “Proud Mary keep on yearning…a new wingnut entry

  1. 1948pdobbs says:

    Welcome Vincent,
    Its always a pleasure when we have new writers join us on Thorn’s playground! “Quiet Mary” was an interesting read and you really threw us a curve with the ending. You have a special person for a friend in Diana. I hope she keeps you coming back again and again.
    Blessings, pd

  2. Thorn says:

    Vincent, this is a great story. Please don’t be modest and send an email to your friends inviting them to our site to read it and especially to leave comments. Tis the lifeblood of the site. Also way kuhl for you to leave comments on the work of other writers.

  3. Michael Stang says:

    Ahh, so. We are never alone no matter what level, what realm, what talent. However I will believe that in the talent room there is you, and not too many others. The story is loaded with imagination.

  4. Diane Cresswell says:

    Yippee my kind of story. Love this – the way you wrote it leading us into that delightful ending – oh man…you have got to stay around here with the rest of us wingnuts.

  5. diana_SD says:

    Yay! You made it, Vincent! Welcome to my playground, although I’ve been a bit absent for a while. Love this story. Chilling. Gave me goosebumps and made me want get to know the protagonist. A BBC series in the making? Sorry, that trivializes it, but still . . . It is complete in itself.

    • Vincent says:

      Thanks for letting me know about the contest, Diana. I was itching for something new, and you provided it. I dunno if I can write another entry, though– this one started out at around 600 words, and I had to mercilessly cut it up until it is what you see.

      • diana_SD says:

        Oh, just take the other words and send them in as an existentialist piece. I have actually submitted one, too. (Bruno, if you see this, I’m really working on the script.)

  6. KYLE Katz says:

    Vincent this is SOOO good. It actually left me turning my head from side to side to see where the voice was coming from. Now I wonder if those characters i hear in my head, the ones that don’t leave until I give them words on paper, are special? Great Job!

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