Writer’s meetup at The Towers


Here we all are after we put our clothes back on and started to do our regular read and respond session.  This happens every Wednesday night at the towers that are A Word with you Press.  We meet at about 6:15.  Rather than roasting the editor-in-chief (moi), the editor-in-chief (moi) bbqs in the courtyard, supplemented by salads and deserts brought by our writers (vouz).  Everyone brings a bottle of wine, kicks in $5 for food which includes dinner, coffee, soda and water.

Last night we had 18 people show up, and everyone who brought something to read qualified for a raffle–we gave away three kuhl prizes.  Our hole-in-the-wall that is A Word with You Press continues to attract an eclectic mix of newbies and professionals. We have had Pulitzer prize winners and nominees, best selling authors, and last night we had an Emmy winning screenplay writer join us.

Among last night’s guests was Sarah Sleeper. She recently won some kind of literary award but her speech was slurred by all the wine I drank, so I forgot what it was.  You could find out on her site: http://www.sarahzsleeper.com/



For more information and to become one of the few, the proud, the literat-ines, check this out: http://www.meetup.com/AntiSocialWriters/

In the above photo Sarah smiles knowing her body guards, Rocky and Dave, will protect her from the paparazzi (that would be moi last night)

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