A stuttering start

Oh my Literate Ones!


(In this recent photo, an intern at A Word with You Press prepares to backfire.)

The purpose of our contest The Victor Villasenor First Sentence Contest is to inspire you  to create words that will draw your reader in. Intrigue with just a few words before some punctuation mark brings it all to a halt and you have to start again with another sentence. The first sentence is the arrow leaving the bow, starting the story arc.  Be not dismayed that Michael Stang’s first words are words you have often heard before.  Let’s just see what he’s driving at.



Michael Stang


Okay then, let’s get going.

9 thoughts on “A stuttering start

  1. Tlrelf says:

    Well, I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to translate the above onomatopoeia. The possibilities, while not endless, are intriguing.

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