A Word with You Press Goes International!

Oh Literati!

WE KNEW the day would come!

This just in from Berlin!  Sent by our designer Morgan Sully–aka fille du moi. (In the featured photo he represents us at BurningMan–in Berlin he cleans up good)  The video is in German from Associated Press, and since several of you don’t speak German, I will give you a rough translation:

“These are the European digs of A Word with You Press, founded in California but quickly exported all over the world.  They attract uncanny writers of all ilk, and in these offices they train interns, teaching them submissive guidlines,  and edit their stories, though usually not their conduct.  Morgan Sully, the handsome dark haired English speaker with slightly Asian features, explains how 47% of those who come to the site refuse to take responsibility for their writings so they generally end up as finalists in our contests.  Morgan also dismisses all those rumours about the founder of AWWYP as seeking political exile in Berlin, but that yes, it is true, that the new facilities are in Kruezberg, where Morgan’s dad once resided.    We asked young Mr. Sully if he was following in his father’s footsteps: ‘Staggering, more likely. Care for a beer, sweetie?'”

Morgan makes all of us  at AWWYP proud–especially his Vater.



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