A Chain letter

Good morning, Literati

(and will you Lifers please explain to the newly infarcerated  that Stephen Colbert has Nation, Rush Limbaugh has Ditto Heads, but A Word with You Press has Literati?–thank you)

 Prisoner Stang…

The Warden wants to free you–oops!–see you.  Sorry.

Michael Stang is caught here breaking and entering our contest You Didn’t Write That for a second time.  A replete offender.  Here is

“The End”

By Michael Stang

            The boys shook uncontrolled when Warden Davies and Sergeant Frank made their rounds.  Fear imagined was crippling enough to send a religious mind to Satan but the old timers knew better, their terror was experienced.  For all hope on earth, a consciousness rose through the steel bars and prevailed through the gummed air whenever a fledgling cried.  “Lifers” wanted the kid to shut up before he ended up dead.  New Chips wanted the kid to shut up and act like a man.  Like a man: an ideal wasted on the inside where men tasted Frank’s stick and Davies’ boots that took the man away to something else, something not-man-The old timers.

Insanity drove K-2 to the library where he stole pen and paper to write something, anything against the bludgeoning, and posted it on the wall to be seen when inmates lined up to eat.  His mind wandered back when he thought a lot about writing, how words were faces for feelings.  K-2 wanted to feel again.

Flashlights invaded the cell shortly after lights out and quickly established parameters.

“Surely, YOU didn’t write that,” the warden’s face a vessel incredulous.

“Oh yes, you bastard…every word.”

Mike Stang lines up with the rest of the crew at A Word with You Press as the warden considers oral arguments for their immediate release



8 thoughts on “A Chain letter

  1. KYLE says:

    Nice being stung by the STANG!
    Original and stark. Images crawl, grabs your ankles pulls you into the action. This is so tightly weaved, there’s no room for a dime slot. “fear imagined was crippling… You say things so differently, but yet so clearly,I sometimes gasp with delight. This is damn good. Teaching moments!! 

  2. Diane Cresswell says:

    “how words were faces for feeling.”  That’s what caught me – that’s superb writing – that is the mark of a writer from his toeses to his noseses…and beyond!!!!  You hit so many points on my system, was as if I was needled by a top notch acupuncturist…damn you’re good!

  3. Chalice Divine says:

    Oh… that twisted act of certain-to-invite-disaster defiance, the old spit in the the eye of the tormenting tyrants. Love it. I could have lived this to the hilt, in this exact position. I ‘see’ you!

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