When writers share the same muse…

Literati!  Now we have a great irony!

John Savage has submitted a story for our contest whose prompt is You Didn’t Write That in which he accuses a famous author who is not me of taking credit for a story he did not write, just like Richard Kimball taking credit for a crime he did not commit (or something like that).  The Irony?  He didn’t write that, at least, he was not the only writer in our squad to come up with the same idea.  I know John personally, delightful fellow, and I am sure he came up with the idea independently, but apparently both he and Stefani Allison have the same muse on a retainer. (cue: Twilight Zone intro music)


Thanks John.  Reading the preamble here, you didn’t fight that?


A Tragedy

By John Savage

Two men entered the small, out of the way pub and stood there surveying the room lit by only a few candles.  Seeing the man they sought, they made their way across the dirt floor towards where he sat with his hand around a tankard of ale resting on the battered and scarred wooden table.

The year was 1602 and the two men were dressed in quality clothing, indicating some degree of wealth.  As soon as they took seats at that table, they both looked carefully around, noting the presence of only two other men, close together and seemingly engaged in an intense conversation.

Without a word, one man pulled a bundle of papers tied with a ribbon and placed them on the table, pushing them across to the other man.

Taking his hand off the ale, he placed the papers in his bag and said, “Did you read what they say about my latest play?  The people loved Hamlet.  I am acclaimed the greatest playwright in all of England!”

“Ah,” said Christopher Marlowe as he glanced at Francis Bacon next to him, “but we all know you didn’t write that, Mr. William Shakespeare!”

He gambled his defense, blaming it on a one armed bandit in Vegas

The muses with the god Thor(n) on Mt. Olympus before AWwYP leased their digs at the towers in Oceanside



9 thoughts on “When writers share the same muse…

  1. Tlrelf says:

    You’ve been borrowing my time machine again, haven’t you? Please to return at your earliest convenience, or I shall have to write an ode about you. . .Or better yet, a Petrarchan sonnet.

  2. Diane Cresswell says:

    And the beat goes on…the controversy makes it way into a tight scene of the humble site known as A Word With You Press.  Very good John – very good!

  3. Chalice Divine says:

    Rawr. Plagerist William sitting in a tree, writing writing naught to see!
    Poor Will. he is really taking a beating in this contest lol. But as I have always secretly found his OCD metering of every freakin line annoying, I am only regretting that i didn’t jump on the train in time to pummel him myself. jealousy is such a horrible process!
    Fun read, thank you:)

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