The Great and Powerful Oz changing the rules again!


You are my little blue pill.

The best way for us to recover from the damage done by the nasty (but vanquished) hackers is to rebuild our readership…

The more people who visit the site, the more entries and variety we will have for our contests, which of course makes all this worthwhile.  Our numbers are not where they were before we had to pull the site down, only about at 30%.  I need your help to get it up!

So here is a little incentive:  If you will bring me one new reader, who either comments on a posting or enters the contest, I will reward you by allowing you a THIRD entry, a third chance to win our contest, whose trophy will be announced soon.

Thorn on casual Friday, after uttering the words of inspiration to his staff “With enough courage, you don’t NEED a reputation” (double entendre’s anyone?)


So Please, tell your friends and creditors about A Word with You Press, and when they come by, have them mention your name.

Other rules still remain.  Just flip the latch on the menu bar named “calandar”



(What, you expected a picture of the Wizard of Oz?)

3 thoughts on “The Great and Powerful Oz changing the rules again!

  1. Michael Stang says:

    Yeah, sort of.  Okay, okay, I will troll the alleys and hook and drag a few lit buddies who are now on a sheep’s milk diet (everything you wanted to know…) to write something witty about some other thing witty some one else wrote.  Can’t vouche for them, oh good god no, but it is quantity at this point…right?  Kidding.

  2. Kyle Katz says:

     Seems the only way for someone else to post is that they have current stories already on your slide menu.
    I could be wrong, but if it ain’t easy….

    • Mac Eagan says:

      Ohhh, it’s not that hard.
      Go up to the menu bar and hover your mouse over “Contests”  A new menu will slide down.  Go down to “Current Entries” and click that link.  Ta-da!  A page full of stories.
      Now scroll down the page to the story you want to comment on.  Each page holds twelve stories.  The slide menu only holds eight stories.  Currently, there are 29 stories posted.  If the story is not on the page you are looking at, click the “Next” button at the bottom.

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